[1]   New York Times, January 25, 1865. The Times article in which this order appears relates the following:

``To-day was set apart for the return of writs of habeas corpus on the Superintendent of the Old Capitol Prison, commanding him to produce the bodies of Christopher V. Hogan and John Dugan, with the date and cause of their arrest. They were formerly employed as detectives on the Metropolitan Police force, and subsequently Hogan was a special detective of the Treasury Department. While so acting, a robbery was committed, in February last. The trunk of Major [Benjamin] Malone, a Paymaster in the Army, was robbed of nearly $2,000. Some time after, Hogan and Dugan were arrested by Superintendent Wood, on charge of being concerned in the robbery, and they have ever since been held in custody.

Page  234This morning, at the convening of the general term of the court, Mr. Wood appeared to answer the writ, and handed his return to the court. Superintendent Wood answered: `The body of Hogan, or Dugan, is in my possession. He was arrested and imprisoned by authority of the President of the United States. I do not produce his body by reason of the order of the President of the United States indorsed upon said writ, to which reference is hereby respectfully made.' The indorsement of the President on each writ is as follows: [text as above]''

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