Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Head Quarters Armies of the United States,
Mrs. A. Lincoln, City-Point,
Washington, D.C. April 2. 7/45 [A.M.] 1865

Last night Gen. Grant telegraphed that Sheridan with his Cavalry and the 5th. Corps had captured three brigades of Infantry, a train of wagons, and several batteries, prisoners amounting to several thousands. This morning Gen. Grant, having ordered an attack along the whole line telegraphs as follows

``Both Wright and Parke [3] got through the enemies lines. The battle now rages furiously. Sheridan with his Cavalry, the 5th. Corps, & Miles [4] Division of the 2nd. Corps, which was sent to him since 1. this A.M. is now sweeping down from the West. All now looks highly favorable. Ord is engaged, but I have not yet heard the result in his front''

Robert yesterday wrote a little cheerful note to Capt. Penrose, which is all I have heard of him since you left. [5] Copy to Secretary of War [6] A LINCOLN

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