Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Edwin M. Stanton [1]

Hon. Secretary of War. Executive Mansion,
Dear Sir: Washington D C Mch 17th. 1865

I have long thought Col. Lewis B. Parsons ought to be promoted, and intended it should have been sooner done. His long service and the uniform testimony to the ability with which he has discharged his very responsible and extended duties render it but just and proper his services should be acknowledged, and more especially so since his great success in executing your orders for the recent movement of Troops from the West.

Page  363You will therefore at once promote Col. Parsons to the rank of a Brigadier General, if there is a vacancy which can be given to the Quarter-Master's Department, [2] and if not, you will so promote him when the first vacancy occurs. Yours Truly A. LINCOLN


[1]   LS, IHi. See Lincoln to Stanton, March 9, supra. Preserved with Lincoln's letter is a copy of Lewis B. Parsons' letter to Lincoln, also dated March 17: ``I regret to annoy you. I would not do so but for your long and decidedly expressed opinion that I am well entitled to all that is asked an opinion for nearly two years fully endorsed by Gen [Robert] Allen and Gen Meigs, no less than by all conversant with the facts. There are 12 Brigadiers from my Dept---all but one from the Regular army. Is this just? I can not comprehend it. My only hope is in your order. It will be positive and I trust your influence with this administration may be equal to the occasion.''

[2]   ``Which can be given to the Quarter-Master's Department,'' inserted by Lincoln.