Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Endorsement Concerning John C. Grannis [1]

March 9, 1865

This came to me March 9. 1865 at ½ past 3. PM. & after, nomination for Dist. Atty had been made A L

Page  347


[1]   AES, CSmH. Lincoln's endorsement appears on a letter from Representative Rufus P. Spalding, asking appointment of John C. Grannis as district attorney. See Lincoln to Tod, March 6, supra. On March 11, Senator John Sherman wrote Lincoln:

``I have learnt how you can settle the disappointment of our Cleveland friends about Root & the Dist Atty of N. Dist of Ohio.

``The present collector of customs at Cleveland will by common consent have to go out and John C Grannis will accept.

``I have talked with Spalding about it & it will be very satisfactory to him to Gov. Tod---Col. [George B.] Senter & all our friends'' (DLC-RTL).

Grannis received the appointment as collector of customs.