Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
``Cypher'' Office U.S. Military Telegraph,
Lieut. Genl. Grant War Department,
City-Point, Va. Washington, D.C., March 8. 1865

Your two despatches to the Secretary of War---one relating to supplies for the enemy going by the Blackwater, and the other to Gen. Singleton and Judge Hughes---have been laid before me by him. As to Singleton and Hughes, I think they are not in Richmond by any authority, unless it be from you. I remember nothing from me which could aid them in getting there except a letter to you as follows, towit:

Page  344``Lieut. Genl. Grant Executive Mansion

City-Point, Va. Washington City Feb. 7. 1865

Gen. Singleton who bears you this, claims that, he already has arrangements made, if you consent, to bring a large amount of Southern produce through your lines. For it's bearing on our finances, I would be glad for this to be done, if it can be, without injuriously disturbing your military operations, or supplying the enemy. I wish you to be judge and master on these points. Please see and hear him fully; and decide whether anything & if anything, what can be done in the premises. Yours truly


I believe I gave Hughes a card putting him with Singleton, on the same letter.

However this may be I now authorize you to get Singleton and Hughes away from Richmond, if you choose, and can. I also authorize you, by an order, or in what form you choose, to suspend all operations on the Treasury-trade-permits, in all places South Eastward of the Alleghenies. If you make such order, notify me of it, giving a copy, so that I can give corresponding direction to the Navy. A LINCOLN