Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 8.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Alfred Sully [1]

Officer in command at Executive Mansion,
Davenport Iowa. Washington, February 17, 1865.

Suspend execution of death sentence of Wm A. Craven for four weeks, and forward record for examination. A. LINCOLN

Maj. Eckert

Please send above telegram JNO. G. NICOLAY


[1]   D, DNA WR RG 107, Presidential Telegrams, I, 349. Nicolay wrote this telegram and signed Lincoln's name. See Lincoln's telegram to Sully, February 14, supra. No reply has been found. AGO General Court Martial Orders No. 140, March 14, 1865, directed: ``Private William A. Craven, alias John C. Brown, substitute, sentenced by a General Court Martial `To be shot . . .' as promulgated in General Orders, No. 4, Headquarters, Department of the Northwest, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, January 31, 1865, is pardoned on condition of his faithfully serving out his term.''