[1]   ALS, ICHi; ADfS (1st. and 2nd.), DLC-RTL. The text follows the letter sent, both drafts being considerably revised. Dole, Hubbard, and Brown were prominent businessmen and Republicans of Chicago. Brown, not previously identified,Page  509

was a banker and a lawyer, and first president of the Chicago Historical Society. A copy of their letter, December 12, 1859, made by Lincoln, is also in the Lincoln Papers. See Lincoln to Judd, December 9, supra, and December 14, infra. The letter sent seems to have gone to Judd in care of Lyman Trumbull, rather than to the persons addressed (see Lincoln to Trumbull, December 25, infra) and was published together with the letter from Dole, Hubbard, and Brown, in the Republican papers of the state.

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