Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 3.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   Debates Scrapbook, DLC. As in the preceding debates, the editors have not followed Lincoln's deletion of cheering and interruptions. Insertions and corrections made by Lincoln are indicated in footnotes. Typographical errors not corrected in the scrapbook have been corrected by the editors. Bracketed passages are in the source unless otherwise noted.

[2]   Lincoln's prefatory note in the debates scrapbook.

[3]   Richard M. Johnson, U.S. representative from Kentucky, 1807-1819 and 1829-1837; U.S. senator, 1819-1829; vice-president of the United States, 1837-1841.

[4]   Lincoln's asterisk at this point identifies the clippings from Lyman Trumbull's speech and Douglas' speech in reply, which Lincoln pasted in the debates scrapbook. Both extracts appear following the debate.

[5]   Senator William Bigler of Pennsylvania.

[6]   ``A vote'' inserted in scrapbook.

[7]   Thomas Ford, History of Illinois (1854).

[8]   Lincoln's headnote to the following extract.

[9]   Lincoln's headnote to the following extract.