[6]   Douglas was reported in the Morgan Journal to have accidentally ``dropped'' at the railway station at Jacksonville, during his visit of September 9, a resolution intended for adoption by Democratic meetings in endorsement of the Dred Scott decision and in opposition to ``Negro equality.'' The Democratic Jacksonville Sentinel (September 25) denounced the resolution as a hoax perpetrated by the Journal, but when the Morgan County Democratic Convention met, it adopted the resolution on October 10, as follows: ``Whereas certain black Republican papers of this State have published a resolution, said to have been written by Hon. S. A. Douglas . . . we adopt the resolution . . . to-wit: Resolved, That we approve of the decision of the Supreme Court of the United States, in determining that negroes are not citizens, and are utterly opposed to placing negroes on an equality with white men, by allowing them to vote and hold office, and serve on juries, and testify in the courts against white men, and marry white women, as advocated by those who claim that the declaration of Independence asserts that white men and negroes were created equal by the Almighty. . . .'' (Jacksonville Sentinel, October 16, 1857).

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