[1]   NH, IV, 225-36, and AD, NNP. Nicolay and Hay entitle this ``Fragment: Notes for Speeches [October 1, 1858?].'' The date is demonstrably several months too late by the references in the context. Obviously the piece was written prior to the House Divided Speech of June 16, 1858. The fact that Lincoln prepared and delivered a speech to the Republican County Convention at Edwardsville, Illinois, on May 18, 1858, suggests that this fragment may represent his survey of Republican political policy at that meeting, of which only a scanty newspaper report has been found (infra). It is possible, however, that the fragment was written several weeks earlier. It seems reasonably certain that the key reference and much of the argument in the identical language of the House Divided Speech was derived from this earlier speech fragment, or that the fragment was in part actually a preliminary draft of that speech. Although only one page representing the last two paragraphs of the manuscript has been located, Nicolay and Hay presumably had access to the document intact for the Complete Works.

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