[1]   AD, owned by Meisei University, Tokyo. In 1865, Dr. Samuel H. Melvin, at the time a resident of Springfield, received the manuscript along with the manuscript of the second lecture on the same subject (vide infra, February 11, 1859) from ``aunt Lizzie'' Grimsley (widow of Harrison J. Grimsley and daughter of Dr. John Todd), from the collection of papers which Lincoln had left with her before departing from Springfield in 1861. The manuscript of the second lecture was sold by Dr. Melvin to Charles Gunther, Chicago, Illinois; the first was kept in his own possession. This first lecture was delivered at Bloomington before the Young Men's Association on April 6, 1858, and was reported in the Bloomington Pantagraph, April 9, 1858, sufficiently to establish the precedence of this version over that of the second lecture as revised and delivered on February 11, 1859.

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