Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Daniel S. Dickinson [1]

Hon: D. S. Dickinson Springfield, Ills.
Sir Aug. 3. 1858

In March 1857 I saw upon the Railroad train, being taken from Chicago to Alton, to the Penitentiary there, a man of gentlemanly appearance by the name of Hyde. He accosted me and conversed some as to the chance of obtaining a pardon. A year after he addressed me the inclosed letter from the prison. You see he mentions your name. Do you really know him? If our Governor could learn that he has been respectable, and is of respectable connections, perhaps he would pardon him. Please answer.

Pardon the liberty I take in addressing you. Several years ago I knew you slightly at Washington. Your Obt. Servt.



[1]   ALS-F, ISLA. Daniel S. Dickinson, U. S. Senator from New York, 1844-1851, replied noncommittally on August 19 that he had known Alfred Hyde in business dealings but not intimately (DLC-RTL).