Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
[June 23, 1857]

Proof Retainer.

Brayman & Joy's [2] letters, with proof of their signatures, and that they were the active agents of the Company.

That I did the service, arguing the case twice.

Logan & Stuart. [3]

What was the question. How decided---& on what point.

The record---the final order---& the opinion. That l,and not Joy, made the point & argument on which the case turned.

Logan & Stuart.

The Company own near two million acres; & their road runs through twentysix counties.

That half a million, put at interest, would scarcely pay the tax.

Page  398Are, or not the amount of labor, the doubtfulness and difficulty of the question, the degree of success in the result; and the amount of pecuniary interest involved, not merely in the particular case, but covered by the principle decided, and thereby secured to the client, all proper elements, by the custom of the profession to consider in determining what is a reasonable fee in a given case.

That $5000 is not an unreasonable fee in this case.