Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Hezekiah G. Wells [1]

Hon: H. G. Wells: Springfield, Ills.
Dr. Sir Aug. 4. 1856

Yours of July 24th. inviting me to be present at a Fremont mass meeting, to be held on the 27th. of August, at Kalamazoo, has been forwarded to me by Mr. Mechem [2] of Kankakee. It would afford me great pleasure to be with you, and I will do so if possible; but I can not promise positively.

We are having trouble here that needs the attention of all of us. I mean the Fillmore movement. With the Fremont and Fillmore men united, here in Illinois, we have Mr. Buchanan in the hollow of our hand; but with us divided, as we now are, he has us. This is the short and simple truth, as I believe. Very Respectfully

A. ``LINCOLN''---

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[1]   ALS, MiK-M. Hezekiah G. Wells, a prominent Michigan state and county office holder, was chairman of the executive committee in charge of the Republican rally to be held at Kalamazoo on August 27.

[2]   Lincoln's spelling of this name may have been ``Machin.'' The two ``e's'' have been written in over Lincoln's letters by another hand. Neither name has led to an identification of the person involved.