Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Dear Gillespie--- Springfield, Aug: 2, 1856

About nine years ago, it seems that ``Lincoln & Herndon'' obtained a judgment here in the Federal court, for Rockhill & Co vs Bradford & Brother, or Bradford & Son or some firm name having Bradford in it. [2] The last named firm, it seems, lived, or did business at Lebanon, or Greenville or somewhere there. You now know who I mean. Are they now, or have they since 1847, been good for a debt of $1400.00?

Another matter---I am to attend a political meeting at Paris, Edgar Co. on the 6th. My plan is to leave here on the morning train on the 5th. reaching Alton at 12 or 1 o clock, & then taking the first train towards Terre Haute. I am very anxious to see you personally. Can you not meet me at Alton? or fall in with me some where on the train? Do, if you can. Yours as ever A. ``LINCOLN''---

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