Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Thomas J. Henderson [1]

Hon. T. J. Henderson: Springfield
Dear Sir: Decr. 15. 1854

Yours of the 11th. was received last night, and for which I thank you. [2] Of course I prefer myself to all others; yet it is neither in my heart nor my conscience to say I am any better man than Mr. Williams. [3] We shall have a terrible struggle with our adversaries. They are desperate, and bent on desperate deeds. I accidentally learned of one of the leaders here writing to a member South of here, in about the following language. ``We are beaten. They have a clear majority of at least nine, on joint ballot. They outnumber us, but we must outmanage them. Douglas must be sustained. WePage  294 must elect the Speaker; and we must elect a Nebraska U S. Senator, or elect none at all.'' Similar letters, no doubt, are written to every Nebraska member. Be considering how we can best meet, and foil, and beat them.

I send you, by this mail, a copy of my Peoria speech. You may have seen it before; or you may not think it worth seeing now.

Do not speak of the Nebraska letter mentioned above; I do not wish it to become public, that I received such information. Yours truly A. LINCOLN---


[1]   ALS, owned by Fred H. Dunbar, Princeton, Illinois.

[2]   Henderson had replied to Lincoln's previous letter of November 27 (supra) that he was not committed.

[3]   Archibald Williams.