Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
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T. R. Webber, Esq- Bloomington,
My dear Sir: Sept. 12. 1853.

On my arrival here to court, I find that McLean county has assessed the land and other property of the Central Railroad, for the purpose of county taxation. An effort is about to be made to get the question of the right → to so tax the Co. before the court, & ultimately before the Supreme Court, and the Co. are offering to engage me for them. [2] As this will be the same question I have had under consideration for you, I am somewhat trammelled by what has passed between you and me; feeling that you have the prior right to my services; if you choose to secure me a fee something near such as I can get from the other side. The question, in its magnitude, to the Co. on the one hand, and the counties in which the Co. has land, on the other, is the largest law question that can now be got up in the State; and therefore, in justice to myself, I can not afford, if I can help it, to miss a fee altogether. If you choose to release me; say so by return mail, and there an end. If you wish to retain me, you better get authority from your court, come directly over in the Stage, and make common cause with this county. Very truly your friend


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