Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
George B. Kinkead, Esq Danville, Ills---
Lexington, Ky--- May 27. 1853

I am here attending court a hundred and thirty miles from home; and where a copy of your letter of this month, to Mr. Edwards, reached me from him, last evening. I find it difficult to suppress my indignation towards those who have got up this claim against me. I would really be glad to hear Mr. Hemingway explain how he was induced to swear he believed the claim to be just! IPage  195 herewith inclose my answer. [2] If it is insufficient either in sub-stance, or in the authentication of the oath, return it to me at at [sic] Springfield (where I shall be after about ten days) stating the defective points. You will perceive in my answer, that I ask the Petitioners to be ruled to file a bill of particulars, stating names & residences &c. I do this to enable me to absolutely disprove the claim. I can really prove by independent evidence, every material statement of my answer; and if they will name any living accessable man, as one of whom I have received their money, I will, by that man disprove the charge. I know it is for them to prove their claim, rather than for me to disprove it; but I am unwilling to trust the oath of any man, who either made or prompted the oath to the Petition.

Write me soon. Very Respectfully--- A. LINCOLN---