Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
Rev. James Smith, D.D.: Springfield, January 24, 1853.

Sir:---The undersigned having listened with great satisfaction to the discourse, on the subject of temperance, delivered by you on last evening, and believing, that, if published and circulated among the people, it would be productive of good; would respectfully request a copy thereof for publication. Very Respectfully, Your friends:

Simeon Francis, R. F. Ruth, G. Jayne,

Thomas Lewis, J. B. McCandless, J. C. Planck,

John Irwin, C. Birchall, John E. Denny,

A. Camp, J. B. Fosselman, W. M. Cowgill,

E. G. Johns, Henry M. Brown, D. E. Ruckel,

John Williams, Thomas Moffett, Thomas M. Taylor,

John T. Stuart, B. S. Edwards, John A. Chesnut,

A. Maxwell, Thomas Alsop, Mat. Stacy,

H. Vanhoff, W. B. Cowgill, H. S. Thomas,

D. Spear, M. Greenleaf, B. B. Brown,

Reuben Coon, James W. Barret, William F. Aitkin,

Henry Yeakle, P. Wright, Allen Francis,

E. B. Pease, S. Grubb, sr., A. Lincoln.