Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

Arbitration Award in Dispute
between David Spear and Isaac P. Spear

December 6, 1851

We, Stephen T. Logan and Abraham Lincoln, to whom a certain matter in dispute between David Spear and Isaac P. Spear was this day, in writing, submitted for our decision and award, having heard and considered the allegations and proofs of the parties, so far as the same were offered, do award that, to entitle the said Isaac P. Spear, to a conveyance of the land mentioned in the said submission, and particularly described in a written obligation of the said David to the said Isaac P. of date May 22.nd. 1840, he is to pay to the said David Spear, six thousand five hundred and fiftyseven dollars and thirtyeight cents, less by the sum of three thousand five hundred and two dollars, and seventyeight cents, the value of the said Isaac P. Spear's half of a stock of goods lately transferred to the said David Spear, and leaving now to be paid to the said David, by the Isaac P. the nett sum of three thousand and fiftyfour dollars and sixty cents. [2] Given under our hands and seals this 6th. day of December 1851 STEPHEN T. LOGAN (SEAL)



[1]   ADS-F, ISLA. The document is in Lincoln's hand except for the last sentence and Stephen T. Logan's signature. David and Isaac P. Spear were partners in the mercantile business in Springfield for many years but dissolved their partnership in August, 1851.

[2]   Lincoln had written ``thirtyeight'' and Logan deleted it and substituted ``sixty.''