Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.

To Joseph S. McIntyre [1]

J. S. Mc.Intire, Esq Decatur,
Dear Sir: Novr. 14th. 1851

I am here now at court, and Shoaff [2] has spoken to me about that suit of his against Thompson. [3] In order for you to get a trial at the next term, you must get a copy of Thompson's Bill for Discovery, and send it to Shoaff at once, so that he can answer it. Dont neglect this a single day, but get the copy at once, and send it to Shoaff at this place by mail. Yours truly A. LINCOLN


[1]   ALS, IDecJ. Joseph S. McIntyre was an attorney in Pekin, Illinois. Lincoln's spelling of the name seems to be a variant.

[2]   Probably James Shoaf, editor of the Decatur Weekly Gazette.

[3]   Thompson has not been identified.