Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.


[1]   AD, ICHi. Three record pages of Thomas Lincoln's family Bible were filled in by Abraham Lincoln, probably in 1851 after his father's death. The pages are worn and tattered at the edges and portions are illegible or torn off. Fortunately it is possible to restore illegible and missing portions from other sources. A contemporary copy made by John D. Johnston (also in the Barrett Collection) provides the missing portion torn from the top of the first page. All editorial restorations are bracketed.

[2]   Purported facsimile reproductions of this page in the Bible record have been printed showing that Lincoln wrote ``October 31st'' for the date of Richard M. Johnston's birth. These facsimiles have been ``doctored'' to give the ``31st'' in place of Lincoln's ``26th.''

[3]   The verso of this first page of the manuscript contains no entries, but has been used for arithmetic.

[4]   An additional entry on this page, was written by John D. Johnston recording the birth of his son John D., Jr., on April 11, 1854.

[5]   Further entries written in pencil on this page are not in Lincoln's hand. They read as follows:

``Mary Johnston be[loved] wife of John D. Johnston died Sept. 21st. 1850 a bout 1/2 hour before Sun down.

``Marietta Sary Jane Johnston Daughter of John D. & Mary Johnston Died Apr. the 8th. 1853.''