Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln. Volume 2.
Lincoln, Abraham, 1809-1865.
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Editors of the Illinois Journal: Springfield, Gentlemen--- June 5, 1850.

An article in the Tazewell Mirror in which my name is prominently used, makes → me fear that my position, with reference to the next Congressional election in this District, is misunderstood, and that such misunderstanding may work injury to the cause of our friends. I therefore take occasion to say that I neither seek, expect, or desire a nomination for a seat in the next Congress; that I prefer my name should not be brought forward in that connection; and that I would now peremptorily forbid the use of it, could I feel entirely at liberty to do so. I will add, that in my opinion, the whigs of the district have several other men, any one of whom they can elect, and that too quite as easily as they could elect me. I therefore shall be obliged, if any such as may entertain a preference for me, will, at once turn their attention to making a choice from others. Let a Convention be held at a suitable time, and in good feeling, make a nomination; and I venture the prediction we will show the District once more right side up. Your obd't servant,


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