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    Title Author(s) Volume/Issue Date
    Racist Visions for the Twenty-First Century: On the Cultural Politics of the French Radical Right Stoler, Ann Laura vol. 7 no. 1 Fall 1999
    Re-birth of Islam in Italy: Between Indifference and Intolerance Holzner, Claudio vol. 3 no. 2 Winter 1996
    (Re) constructing Berlin: Architects and Academics Consider the Once-and-Future Capital Whiting, Stephen M. vol. 8 no. 1 Fall 2000
    Reading Jewish Fez: On the Cultural Identity of a Moroccan City Kosansky, Oren vol. 8 no. 3 Spring/Summer 2001
    Reconciliation as a Continuing and Differentiated Process Patterson, Monica vol. 9 no. 2 Winter 2002
    Reconsidering Japanese Religious History: The Aum Incident and Blind Culture in Modern Japan Hirose, Kojiro vol. 10 no. 3 Spring/Summer 2003
    Reflections on Post-Apartheid Politics Breckenridge, Keith; Burns, Catherine vol. 2 no. 3 Spring 1995
    Reflections on Projecting Petersburg Senkevitch, Tatiana V. vol. 10 no. 3 Spring/Summer 2003
    Religion, Security and Violence in Global Contexts Kennedy, Michael D. vol. 9 no. 2 Winter 2002
    Reluctant Refugees: Liberians in Ghana Owusu, Maxwell vol. 7 no. 3 Summer 2000
    Remedies for War Crimes at the National Level MacKinnon, Catharine A. vol. 6 no. 1 Fall 1998
    Renewed Pandemonium: The Continuing Legend of the Master Musicians of Jajouka Fuson, Tim vol. 3 no. 2 Winter 1996
    Report from the Field: Archaeological Research in Iran's Islamabad Plain Abdi, Kamyar vol. 7 no. 1 Fall 1999
    Report from the Field: Memoirs of Vepsky National Park, Leningrad Region, Russia Buck, James H. vol. 8 no. 1 Fall 2000
    Report from the Field: Perceptions of Water Use in the Arava Valley of Israel and Jordan Lipchin, Clive vol. 8 no. 2 Winter 2001
    Report on a Workshop: Pragmatics and Social Conflict in the Andean Region vol. 9 no. 1 Fall 2001
    Research on Asian Urban Population Environment Dynamics: Products of a Long Term Relationship Ness, Gayl vol. 8 no. 3 Spring/Summer 2001
    Responses to German Unification Canning, Kathleen vol. 4 no. 2 Winter 1997
    Richard Horden's Light Architecture Horden, Richard vol. 4 no. 1 Fall 1996
    Rituals, Revitalization and Reproduction: Textiles in a Remote Thai Village Woodtikarn, Kruamas vol. 7 no. 3 Summer 2000
    Romancing the Bear: Travels in Post-Communism Galtz, Naomi vol. 3 no. 2 Winter 1996
    The Roots of South Indian Cinema Baskaran, S. Theodore vol. 9 no. 2 Winter 2002
    Rumors of Aceh: Post-Tsunami Impressions from Medan Birchok, Daniel Andrew vol. 13 no. 1 Fall 2005
    Russia and the West: Whose Vicious Circle? Wolfe, Thomas C. vol. 1 no. 1 Winter 1994
    Russian and U-M Researchers Collborate to Save Lake Baikal Smith, Jennifer vol. 12 no. 1 Fall 2004
    Russian Journalism in a New Era Danilochkin, Sergei vol. 2 no. 2 Winter 1995
    Rwanda: The Politics of Turmoil Newbury, David; Newbury, Catherine vol. 1 no. 2 Summer 1994