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Waiting for Thomas Kuhn: First Monday and the Evolution of Electronic Journals Valauskas, Edward J. vol. 3 no. 1 September, 1997

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We Have Chosen Shame and Will Get War Greenspun, Philip vol. 1 no. 1&2 January, 1995
We Love Paper and Pixels Mineur, Étienne vol. 17 no. 1 Winter 2014
The West Midlands as an 'Electronic Super Highway': BOM and the Emergence of New Art Infrastructures Newman, Karen vol. 19 no. 2 Fall 2016
What are the alternatives to peer review? Quality Control in Scholarly Publishing on the Web Arms, William Y. vol. 8 no. 1 August, 2002
What Happened to the E-book Revolution? : The Gradual Integration of E-books into Academic Libraries Connaway, Lynn; Wicht, Heather vol. 10 no. 3 Fall 2007
What if Wal-Mart Ran a Library? Esposito, Joseph vol. 9 no. 1 Winter 2006
What Might Be in Store for Universities’ Presses Courant, Paul N. vol. 13 no. 2 Fall 2010
What We Learned from The Bible: A Catechism for Digital Publishing Miller-Adams, Michelle I.; Trager, Eve M. vol. 3 no. 2 December, 1997
What You Will Read Next Cipriano, Scott; Densmore, James vol. 18 no. 1 Winter 2015
When Authorship Isn’t Enough: Lessons from CERN on the Implications of Formal and Informal Credit Attribution Mechanisms in Collaborative Research Birnholtz, Jeremy vol. 11 no. 1 Winter 2008
Where the Wild Things Are: Seeking Improvisation on the Open Web Platform Armen, Haig; Maxwell, John; Pullinger, Kate vol. 18 no. 1 Winter 2015
White Paper: The Deep Web: Surfacing Hidden Value Bergman, Michael K. vol. 7 no. 1 August, 2001
Who's On Line? Gender Morphing in Cyberspace Desser, Daphne vol. 6 no. 1 Sept., 2000
Why Create a Customization of a Standard? An ACS Case Study O'Brien, Dan; Fisher, Jeff; Haines, D.J. vol. 14 no. 1 Summer 2011
Why I am a Net Artist Andrews, Jim vol. 14 no. 2 Fall 2011
Why Standardization Efforts Fail Cargill, Carl F. vol. 14 no. 1 Summer 2011
Why We Publish JEP Bonn, Maria vol. 9 no. 1 Winter 2006
Wired On a Shoestring: A Site and Some Insights Jones, Billie J. vol. 6 no. 1 Sept., 2000
The Wisdom of Oz: The Role of the University Press in Scholarly Communications Esposito, Joseph J. vol. 10 no. 1 Winter 2007
Workshop Notes, 30 March 1995 Bailey, Joseph; Gillett, Sharon; Gingold, David; Leida, Brett; Melcher, Douglas; Reagle, Joseph; Roh, Jae; Rothstein, Russell vol. 2 no. 1 May, 1996
Writing and Editing in the Browser Brown, Mandy vol. 17 no. 1 Winter 2014
Writing Electronically: The Effects of Computers on Traditional Writing Ferris, Sharmila Pixy vol. 8 no. 1 August, 2002
WYSIWYG Poetics: Reconfiguring the Fields for Creative Writers and Scholars Howard, W. Scott vol. 14 no. 2 Fall 2011