Comics Books on DVD-ROM Survey

I am conducting research on how the advent of entire runs of comic book titles on DVD-ROM (such as The Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Collection DVD-ROM published by GIT, which collects 42 years of The Amazing Spider-Man comic book in electronic format) might affect the hobby of comic book collecting. As a comic book collector/reader, you might be able to assist me in the research by answering the following questions in the survey sheet. There are no foreseeable risks associated with the filling out of this questionnaire, and all participation is voluntary. I may utilize your answers to survey questions in any scholarly materials that arise out of this research.

Fred Wright, Ph.D., Department of English, Ursuline College,

The survey is on both sides of this sheet of paper. Should you need more room to answer a question, please feel free to continue your answer on the blank space on the back of this sheet.

1) Have you ever read a comic book in electronic format? _______Yes    ________No

If you marked yes, then what did you think about the experience of reading a comic book in electronic format as opposed to reading a printed comic book?

If you marked no, then why have you not read a comic book in electronic format?

2) Have you ever purchased or used a DVD-ROM which collects a run of a comic book title (such as the aforementioned The Amazing Spider-Man: The Complete Collection DVD-ROM)? ____________Yes    __________No

If you marked yes, then would you purchase/use another? Why or why not?

If you marked no, then what are your reasons for not purchasing/using such a product?

3) Would you consider a comic book collection in electronic format to be truly a comic book collection? _____________Yes    ______________No

Please explain the reasoning behind your answer.

4) How many years have you been reading comics?

5) Do you consider yourself a comic book collector?  __________Yes  __________No

6) If there’s anything else you would like to note about your thoughts regarding comic books in electronic format and the future of comic book collecting, please feel free to jot them down here.

Thank you for participating in the survey. I may be conducting some more in-depth followup interviews. If you might be interested in participating further, then please provide your name and contact information below. If you would prefer to remain anonymous, then please do not provide this information or indicate to me that you desire to remain anonymous should I utilize any of your responses in a paper or any other scholarship that arises out of this research.. If you’d like to read the paper that results from this research, then please just let me know here as well.