SIDEBAR: CIOS Model of Operations

Communication Institute for Online Scholarship (CIOS) services operate under the direction of Tim Stephen, who oversees technical development, and design issues, and is responsible for operations. CIOS's Electronic Journal of Communication project is managed by Teri Harrison. Both Tim and Teri have professorial positions at the State University of New York at Albany and work on the project on a voluntary basis. In recent years, Tim has negotiated half-time release from his university position to provide more concentrated time for CIOS. CIOS relies on independent contractors for numerous small jobs in data entry, software development, etc.

All funding for the project derives from revenues from four sources:

  • Personal CIOS memberships ($45/year) that permit individual scholars to use CIOS Web services with a personal password. The majority of the journals indexes are available to CIOS/Comserve associate members only. (See CIOS membership details for more information.)
  • Sales of the ComIndex bibliographic database ($50 for a personal copy through $340 for a departmental or library copy and up to $1000 for a campus-wide copy). This database is a citation index (author, title) to approximately eighty-three titles in communication — 36,000 records from roughly 1960 to 2001. (See ComIndex desktop software for more information.)
  • Basic institutional affiliation ($250 to $500), which confers campus wide IP-based access to most CIOS databases; and
  • ComAbstracts subscriptions (at average $1,100 for institution-wide access via IP recognition).

Currently CIOS has approximately 400 institutional subscribers to various service packages and sustains approximately 300 individual members.

As of the writing of this article, CIOS is beginning to revamp its hardware, obtain new custom-built full-text indexing software, and more than triple the number of professional societies' journals whose back issues are on line. The object is to phase in new services and improve support for CIOS's expanding business as the income permits. We are a true nonprofit — we truly aren't in this for the money, but as a service to our field.