Re: Electronic Theses and Dissertations: Digitizing Scholarship for Its Own Sake

I applaud the movement toward making thesis papers available on line. The high cost and limited audience of publishing most theses makes this one of the best uses of the WWW, as intended by its originators.

At the Optical Society of America (OSA), A group of our members involved in Biomedical Optics (medical imaging, photodynamic therapy, and laser surgery) have worked with me setting up a "Monographs Page" (formerly at on our Web site. This collects Ph.D. theses in the above-mentioned, rather specialized topics. In addition to the two monographs presently on the page, about 10 more are under consideration to be added.

Here is the description that appears on the Monographs page.


Monographs posted here are longer works, considered to be too long for publication as feature articles on the Features and News page. All monographs have been peer-reviewed by the author's institution and approved for posting by the BioOptics Online Editors. To submit a monograph for consideration, please e-mail an abstract and a cover letter to the editor.

Monographs is only a small part of BioOptics Online, but it is a part for which I have great enthusiasm. For some fields, a site such as our monographs page that collects documents on a specialized topic may be advantageous. If you know of similar collections, I would like to hear about them.


Frank E. Harris

Optical Society of America

Published: March, 1998