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Onno Boonstra Teaching History & Computing - a Modular Approach
Frode Ulvund Teaching Methods in Teaching Methods
D. Antonio Cantu Teaching Pre-Colombian and Colonial American History on the Web
D. Antonio Cantu Teaching the American Revolution and Founding of the American Republic on the Web
Guillaume de Syon Teaching the Space Program with the World Wide Web: Challenges and Rewards of Assigning Online Readings
Technology and the Humanities: Call for Proposals
D. Antonio Cantu Technology Integration in Pre-Service History Teacher Education
Dennis A. Trinkle Ten Good Web Sites on General History
Jeffrey G. Barlow "Three Years In..."
J. Kelly Robison Thumbs+Plus v. 4.00 and Thumbs+CD/32
Gunner Lind A Toolbox for Historical Computing
Deborah Vess The Toys are Really Cool, But Will the Kids Play With Them?
David Foster Trades Directories: Unlocking the Code
Luc Guay Transformation of Teaching Methods by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Deborah Lines Andersen Transformations
Vivien E. Zazzau Transforming Archives through Information Technologies: A Bibliography
Donald Haks Two Examples of the Impact of Computer Technology on Historical Editing: The Correspondence of William of Orange 1533-1584 and the Resolutions of the States General 1626-1651