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Mark Newmark Making a Good Site Better
Laura Micham Making British Heritage Available on the World Wide Web: The State of Digitization in Special Collections Librarianship in Great Britain
Steven Burt Manufacturing Understanding: Brain-based Learning and the Internet in the High School Classroom
Deborah Lines Andersen Maps of the World
Gunnar Thorvaldsen Marriage and Names Among Immigrants to Minnesota
Shawn Martin The Marriage of Technology and History
The Marsh Lee Award (High School)
James T. Carroll Martha Benner and Cullom Davis's The Law Practice of Abraham Lincoln: Complete Documentary Edition
Douglas J. Cremer Matter, Method, and Machine: The Synergy of World History, Active Learning, and Computer Technology
Bruce Stewart Medium and Message: Reflections on Irish Studies in the Informatics Age
'Medium-evo. Gli studi medievali e il mutamento digitale'
Nicole M. Docteur Mission and Ethics Statement
Robert K. Morse The Mission is Our Future: Defining a Californian Identity on the Historical Memory of the Missions