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Stephen Gance Are Constructivism and Computer-Based Learning Environments Incompatible?
Alexander C.T. Geppert History of International Exhibitions, 1851-1951: A New Web Resource
Antonella Ghignoli Scrineum
Patterson Toby Graham Librarians on the World Wide Web and the Field of History: Researching American History Primary Sources Online: A Librarian's Perspective
Suzanne Graham Historians and Electronic Resources: A Second Citation Analysis
Suzanne R. Graham Historians and Electronic Resources: Patterns and Use
Suzanne R. Graham Review of the Alexander Street Press Electronic Collections
Suzanne R. Graham Historians and Electronic Resources: A Citation Analysis
Peter Gray EPPI: Enhanced British Parliamentary Papers in Ireland, 1801-1922
Michael Greenhalgh Learning from Images over the Web
Michael Greenhalgh Learning Art History in Context: An Image Database & VRML Model of Borobudur
Luc Guay Transformation of Teaching Methods by Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)