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Marin Dacos Un Historien au Pays du Minitel Le Web et l'Histoire en France à la Fin de l'Anné 2000
Michael de Nie Online Resources for Nineteenth-Century British History
Carmen de Pablos Heredero The Use of Electronic Mail in the Public Universities of Madrid
Carmen de Pablos Heredero El impacto del uso del correo electrónico en el profesorado de las Universidades Públicas Madrileñas
Guillaume de Syon Teaching the Space Program with the World Wide Web: Challenges and Rewards of Assigning Online Readings
Keith Dils The Use of Technology to Reach the Various Learning Styles of Middle School History and Social Studies Students
Nicole M. Docteur Mission and Ethics Statement
Terry J. DuBose Polybiography of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
Ken Dvorak An Overview: "History Tools for the 21st Century" annual conference of the American Association for History and Computing