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Author: Lynn C. Westney
Title: E-Journals - Inside and Out
Publication info: Ann Arbor, MI: MPublishing, University of Michigan Library
December 2007

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Source: E-Journals - Inside and Out
Lynn C. Westney

vol. 10, no. 3, December 2007
Article Type: Column

E-Journals - Inside and Out

Lynn C. Westney

Column Editor

Lynn C. Westney has been an academic reference librarian since 1983. She has held the rank of Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC) since 1992. In this column for JAHC she disseminates selective information on the contents of freely accessible (no subscription required and/or open access) e-journals, e-newsletters, e-newspapers, electronic indexes, and other e-publications. On occasion, websites that enhance and extend these e-publications are included.

The Journal of the Association for History and Computing, JAHC, has as its focus the applications of electronic technologies into the historical profession. History is, by its very nature, an interdisciplinary profession. Historians must be open and receptive to the ideas presented in all other disciplines if they are to present, as accurately as possible, history from all its diverse perspectives. Thus, an additional purpose of this column is to present to the readers of JAHC, the issues, controversies, and trends which are impacting interdisciplinary and international research within history, computing, and allied disciplines as evidenced within current electronic publications.

Commentary and queries should be addressed to

E-Journals and E-Publications

Entries are listed in alphabetical order by title within each section

History-Related E-Journals

China Leadership Monitor

Published by the Hoover Institution, The China Leadership Monitor seeks to inform the American foreign policy community about current trends in China's leadership politics and in its foreign and domestic policies. It proceeds on the premise that as China's importance in international affairs grows, American policy-makers and the broader policy-interested public increasingly need political analysis of China's leadership that is accurate, comprehensive, systematic, current, and relevant to major areas of interest to the United States. Analysis brings to bear some of the new avenues of information and insight that have opened up since the normalization of U.S.-China relations and China's policy of "opening to the outside world" in the late 1970s. Articles available in PDF.

Issue 21, Summer 2007

"Election 2008 and the Future of Cross-Strait Relations," by Alan D. Romberg.

The forthcoming campaign will shape both the way the next administration approaches cross-Strait issues and the mindset of Mainland policymakers as they prepare to deal with the new Taiwan leadership. It will also condition U.S. attitudes toward the winner.

"The Political Implications of China's Growing Middle Class," by Joseph Fewsmith.

China's middle class has developed rapidly over the past three decades. There are now around 50 million people who can be considered middle class. There is currently no indication that the middle class desires to challenge the political status quo.

Claremont Review of Books (CRB)

This quarterly review offers bold arguments for a reinvigorated conservatism focusing on conservative politics, news, and ideas familiar to the White House. The CRB is archived to Volume 1, Number 1, Fall 2000.

Volume 7, Number 3, Summer 2007


"Iraq and the Neoconservatives: Beyond the Bush Doctrine," by Charles R. Kesler.

"Crisis of the Old Liberal Order: The Eclipse of Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.," by William Voegeli.

"Winning the War of Ideas: How to Reinvigorate American Public Diplomacy," by Robert R. Reilly.

"Taming Big Government: Congress Won't and the President Can't," by Michael M. Uhlmann.

CORDIS focus Newsletter

Bringing together selected articles from the daily CORDIS News service, the CORDIS focus Newsletter is published in six languages (Spanish, German, English, French, Italian and Polish) and published on a monthly basis. The online version is in English only. The archived issues begin with Number 79, January 27, 1997.

With more than 40,000 readers throughout Europe and beyond, each issue provides a review of the most recent and important developments in European research and innovation, covering policy discussions and developments, EU funded projects and research results, calls for proposals and forthcoming events.

Readers can subscribe to the paper version, download the latest issue or archival issues and access the online version (in English only).

The Diplo Goat : e-Magazine for Modern East-West Relations

The first issue begins with an interdisciplinary focus on security policy within the transatlantic-Eurasian space. The Diplo Goat is an avant-garde of new monitor reading with standards as high as traditional journals from academia.

Issue 1, May 24, 2007

"Between the Bonn and Weimar Scenarios: Russian Anti-Americanism and the German Experience," by Andreas Umland.

Points out the obvious contradiction that contemporary Germany, as a newly sovereign nation with a distinct culture, is to a considerable degree, a result of post-war U.S. influence and presence in Europe. Concludes with a warning that deteriorating Russian-American relations will jeopardize Russia's currently close relationship with Germany.

International NGO Journal (INGOJ)

International NGO Journal (INGOJ) publishes high-quality solicited and unsolicited articles, in English, in all areas of Non Governmental Organization (NGO) activities. INGOJ was founded to publish proposals, appraisals and reports of NGO projects. Their aim is to have a centralized information for NGO activities where stakeholders, including beneficiaries of NGO services, can find useful information about ongoing projects and where to obtain particular assistance.

Volume 2, Number 6, June 2007

"Resource Link Foundation (RLF) HIV/AIDS Strategic Plan for (2007-2010)," by Christopher Sieh Kwaku Dapaah. Available in PDF.

Militärgeschichte: Zeitschrift für historische Bildung

The Military History Research Institute is the central federal institution for all questions about German military history. The basis for coping with future challenges is empirical, archive-based research in accordance with the accepted rules and standards of general historiography. The Institute fosters cooperation with a large number of research institutes in Germany and abroad and contributes to topical debates among experts in military history. It is firmly anchored in original research.

Militärgeschichte assists in the teaching of military history and contains contributions to historical topics, military, historical and biographical references, literature and conference notices. Content in German. Latest issue available, Haft 2/2007.

Shima: The International Journal of Research into Island Cultures

Published by the Island Cultures Research Centre, Division of Humanities, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia. Shima is a peer-refereed journal. The cultures referred to in the journal's subtitle refer not only to arts, crafts, language, folklore, media etc., but also aspects of local or inter-local tourism, development, politics and/or religion and how these relate to island and maritime environments and ecologies.

Volume 1, No. 1, 2007

"Mangyan Internal Refugees from Mindoro Island and the Spaces of Low-Intensity Conflict in the Philippines," by Jonas Baes.

In 2002 and 2003, groups of disparate Mangyan [upland indigenous] peoples from Mindoro island, sought refuge in nearby provinces to escape escalating military operations in the island. The Armed Forces of the Philippines stepped-up their operations as part of a 'clean-up' drive on insurgency. The low-intensity nature of the operations had cataclysmic effects on those residing in the island, most especially the indigenous peoples living in the central highlands. This entailed absorption into a national body politic and a global world order. It raises the possibility of exploring avenues for the regeneration of culture among peoples like the Mangyan, caught in the mainstream of change and marginal conditions in the country.

"Jersey: The Development of an Island Cultural Strategy," by Adam Riddell.

In 2005, Jersey's government approved a ‘Cultural Strategy' document. This paper traces how the Cultural Strategy document was developed and offers an analysis of what its contents mean for Jersey's cultural identity and cultural organizations. The practical manifestations of the Cultural Strategy document are analyzed in terms of what they might indicate for the future development of Jersey's cultural sector.

United States State History E-Journals

Utah Historical Quarterly

Published since 1928, the Utah Historical Quarterly is published to:

  • Increase public awareness, appreciation, and knowledge of Utah's past;
  • Develop and Foster activities that stimulate research in and study of Utah history and pre-history;
  • Undertake and Promote the responsible collecting, preservation, and presentation of documentary materials and artifacts; and
  • Encourage and Support the preservation of historic and pre-historic sites.

A table of contents for Volumes 1 to present is available. An index to Volumes 46-64 (1978-1996) is available online. Beginning with Volume 70, Number 3 (Summer 2002), issues are available online in PDF format.

Volume 75, Number 3, Summer 2007

"A Young Man Goes West: The 1879 Letters of Leonard Herbert Swett," by Dove Menkes.

"Places That Can Be Easily Defended": A Case Study in the Economics of Abandonment During Utah's Black Hawk War," by W. Paul Reeve.

"In Deed and in Word":The Anti-Apartheid Movement at the University of Utah, 1978-1987," by Benjamin Harris.

Book Reviews

Richard W. Etulain. Beyond the Missouri: The Story of the American West, reviewed by Brian Q. Cannon.

Sherman L. Fleek. History May Be Searched in Vain: A Military History of the Mormon Battalion, reviewed by M. Guy Bishop.

Richard T. Stillson. Spreading the Word: A History of Information in the California Gold Rush, reviewed by John Barton.

Sandra Ailey Petree, ed. Recollections of Past Days, The Autobiography of Patience Loader Rozsa Archer, reviewed by Audrey Godfrey.

David P. Billington and Donald C. Jackson. Big Dams of the New Deal Era: A Confluence of Engineering and Politics, reviewed by Jared Farmer.

William A. Wilson. The Marrow of Human Experience: Essays on Folklore, reviewed by Polly Stewart.

Utah Digital Newspapers Online

Recent Additions

Ogden Standard, 1923-1927

Davis County Clipper, 1925-1938

Moab Times Independent, 1933-1937

Park Record. 1936-1947

Vermont History

Publishes new research and scholarship in most aspects of Vermont state and local history. The full text of back issues since 2000 is available online one year after publication.

Volume 74, Numbers 1 & 2, Winter/Spring 2006


"Making Home Pay: Italian and Scottish Boardinghouse Keepers in Barre, 1880-1910," by Susan L. Richards.

Book Reviews

Burt Feintuch and David H. Watters, Eds. The Encyclopedia of New England, by Gregory Sanford.

Beth A. Salerno, Sister Societies: Women's Antislavery Organizations in Antebellum America, by Deborah P. Clifford.

Library and Information Science Journals

The Halcyon: The Newsletter of the Friends of The Thomas Fisher Rare Book Library

Published twice a year in November and June, Halcyon includes short articles on recent noteworthy gifts and acquisitions of Toronto's Fisher Rare Book Library and recent exhibitions and activities of the Friends. It is a veritable font of fascinating information about Canadiana that is not regularly recognized by United States library and information science publications. The illustrations and photographs add value to the content.

Number 39, June 2007

This issue features articles by members of the Collection Development Department and Order Section of the Robarts Library on recent acquisitions for the Fisher Library.


The Norwegian Archive, Library and Museum Authority (ABM-utvikling) was established on January 1, 2003 following the merger of the Norwegian Directorate for Public Libraries, the Norwegian Museum Authority, and the National Office for Research Documentation, Academic and Special Libraries. ABM-utvikling is an advisory and executive organisation for the Ministry of Culture and Church Affairs on the specialist fields of archives, libraries and museums.

ABM-skrift (ABM Publications) is a series of publications containing subject related articles of relevance to the whole archive, library and museum sector. Individual issues and subscriptions are free. Printed editions of ABM-skrift are sent automatically on publication to the archives, museums and libraries, according to the relevance of the content, and also to subscribers. For as long as there are copies in stock, the publications are available free of charge from ABM-utvikling to anyone on request.

ABM-skrift #40 (Norwegian), #34 (English) 2007

"Out of the Darkroom."

Quantity, or rather the disparity between the quantity of photographic material, ambition and resource, forms the underlying premise of this report. The quantity of photographs of either intrinsic photographic and/or cultural historic value determines the course of action to be followed when one seeks to resolve the issues associated with collection, preservation, digitization, cataloguing and access; as the volume increases, so does the need for a planned approach and for greater competence in the field.

ABM-skrift #33 (English)

"Östfold Library-New Ways of Co-operation."

Contains the report and discussion of one of the most interesting public library projects of recent years. The proposal for "Östfold Library-New Ways of Co-operation" was launched in 2000, and the project has served as a pilot for testing network building and the seamless library in practice in the county of Östfold. Östfold Library has also co-ordinated and tested new ways to promote the spread of literature, both inside and outside the library. As a result, the project has raised the profile of the library to the county's inhabitants, for example by having campaign weeks for the spread of literature and by the venture of selecting "the Östfold Author of the Month".

ABM-skrift #32 (English)

"Cultural Heritage for All: On Digitisation, Digital Preservation and Digital Dissemination in the Archive, Library and Museum sector."

A report by the Working Group on Digitisation, the Norwegian Digital Library

North Carolina Libraries

This is the official publication of the North Carolina Library Association and is a great resource for the history of specific North Carolina libraries.

Volume 65, Number 1/2, Spring/Summer 2007.

"Retrospection: The First Hundred Years of North Carolina's Libraries 1960," by Elizabeth H. Smith.

The fifth in a series of articles about North Carolina's libraries.

"History of the Winterville Library," by Heather Anderson.

Southeastern Librarian

The official publication of the Southeastern Library Association (SELA), this quarterly publication publishes articles, announcements, and news of professional interest.

Volume 54, Number 3, Fall 2006

"Metadata Basics: ALiterature Survey and Subject Analysis," by Nicole Mitchell.

Virginia Libraries

A quarterly journal published by the Virginia Library Association, available in html and PDF.

Volume 52, Number 3, July/August/September 2006

"Ten Years of Publishing Good Writing: Tom Dooley and Eclectica," by Cy Dillon.

Eclectica has been recognized as one of the first and most professional of the Internet literary magazines. The ezine has attracted enough attention to have its own Wikipedia entry, but it has stuck to Dooley's original vision of presenting good writing in a modest but attractive format. In this interview, Dooley reflects on the origin of the magazine, its accomplishments, its continuing potential and his own passion to keep it alive.

Down Under: Australian and New Zealand E-Journals

Journal of Historical Biography

An international, peer reviewed, e-journal published at University College of Fraser Valley in British Columbia, Canada. Includes biographical portraits of prominent individuals of any nation, and theoretical, methodological or philosophical pieces that reflect on the larger issues associated with writing biography or autobiography. Articles are published in English or French and are available in PDF format. An exceptional scholarly addition to e-history journals.

Volume 1, Spring 2007

"Archival Evidence and John A. Macdonald Biography," by Ged Martin.

John A. Macdonald (1815-1891) was Canada's first prime minister. His papers constitute one of the largest holdings in Library and Archives Canada. This article examines and portrays the man and his career wirh extensive notes.

Journal of the Association for the Study of Australian Literature

Volume, Number 6, 2007

"Vance Palmer, Short Fiction and Australian Magazine Culture in the 1920s," by Roger Osborne.

Behind the books that serve most critics and biographers as signposts to the development of Vance Palmer's short fiction, another sequence of events is found in the newspapers and magazines to which he contributed. This article considers Palmer's career through his contributions to the Bulletin, the Triad and the Australian Journal. Palmer is one of the most representative figures of the Australian magazine culture of his time.

"Dictionary of Literary Biography vols 230, 260, 289, 325," by Ian Henderson.

A major review of this enormous four-volume set that focuses on Australian writers from 1788-2000.

Provenance: the Journal of Public Record Office Victoria

Provenance is published online by the Public Record Office Victoria (PROV). It publishes peer-reviewed articles, as well as other written contributions, that contain research drawing on records in PROV's holdings. Its purpose is to foster access to PROV's archival holdings and broaden its relevance to the wider Victorian community.

The records held by PROV contain a wealth of information regarding Victorian people, places, communities, events, policies, institutions, infrastructure, governance, and law. Provenance provides a forum for scholarly publication drawing on the full diversity of these records. An important historical journal containing fascinating articles about the history of Victoria, Australia.

Number 6, September 2007

"Merely Corroborative Detail: The Use of Public Records at the Sovereign Hill Museums Association, Ballarat," by Jan Croggon.

The Sovereign Hill Museums Association is a not-for-profit, community-based organization. From the museum's earliest days, public records have been used in many of their most important projects to establish accuracy and detail, and to impart meaning and understanding to their function. They have also been a source of wonderful, visual information for historians trying to re-create the life and colour of Victoria's gold rushes. Sovereign Hill is attempting to re-create a township that really existed. Almost every building that has been re-created at Sovereign Hill is based on an original which was present in Ballarat in the decade 1851-1861. The historian's brief at Sovereign Hill is to provide visual, architectural reference for the building, and as much detail as possible about its function.

"Court records and Cultural Landscapes: Rethinking the Chinese Gold Seekers in Central Victoria," by Keir Reeves and Benjamin Mountford.

In August 2006 a research team from the University of Melbourne set out across country Victoria in pursuit of the Golden Dragon. The purpose of this field trip was to interpret historical locations relating to the Chinese in Victoria and to evaluate cultural landscape analysis as a tool of historical inquiry. The field trip confronted the complexities of exploring cultural landscapes and raised a number of questions that form the basis of this article. For example, how can landscape analysis and documentary investigation be synthesized in order to reveal new historical interpretations of the colonial gold rush era?

"Love Is Murder," by Noni Dowling.

In the minutiae of port life, a loose social group of black men and their white (common law) 'wives' evolved. Through the voices found in the archives, their preoccupation appears to have been drinking and swapping partners between one another. It proved to be a volatile mix.

Reviews in Australian Studies

Reviews in Australian Studies is a journal of the British Australian Studies Association (BASA). BASA was established in 1982 to bring together individuals and institutions concerned with the study of Australia, and/or the teaching of Australian topics in secondary and tertiary education. Available in PDF format.

Volume 2, Number 4, 2007

Book Reviews:

The History of Australian Corrections by Sean O'Toole, by Tim Causer.

A Little History of Australia by Mark Peel, by David Dunstan.

The Workshops. A History of the Midland Government Railway Workshops, by Margaret Ray.

Rutherford Journal: The New Zealand Journal for the History and Philosophy of Science and Technology

Published by the Department of Philosophy of the University of Canterbury, Christ Church, New Zealand.

Volume 2, 2006/2007

"Den Fujita: From the Japanese Transistor Radio Export Business to Makudonaldo," by William Aspray.

Presents a new perspective on Japanese technology and business practice in the postwar era by tracing the career of a remarkable Japanese entrepreneur named Den Fujita.

"A Chronology of Analogue Computing," by Charles Care.

Provides a comprehensive chronology of the development of analogue computing with distinct timelines and an excellent bibliography.

"Science on the Map: Places in New Zealand Named After Scientists," by Garry J. Tee.

Fascinating article on the propensity of New Zealand to name places after scientists. Accompanied by color photographs, notes and a useful bibliography.

E-Journals Produced by Graduate Students

eSharp: the education, social sciences, humanities and arts review for postgraduates

eSharp is the University of Glasgow's open-access online journal for postgraduates. Run by postgraduates, it aims to provide a critical but supportive entry into the realm of academic publishing for emerging academics. One of its aims is to encourage the publication of high quality postgraduate research; all submitted articles are anonymously peer-reviewed as part of the acceptance and feedback process. This rigorous and constructive process is designed to enhance the worth of postgraduate and postdoctoral work. eSharp also engages in training postgraduate students in the various tasks that running an academic journal requires, from editing to project management. The enhancement of employability is a key aspect of its aims and objectives.

Issue 9, Summer 2007

Special Issue: 'Gender: Power and Authority'

'Gender: Power and Authority' examines ways in which gender has been marginalized, reversed and empowered in past, present and even future society. Issue 9 reflects a diversity of topics ranging from reality TV to Victorian art; from the anarcho-punk scene to twentieth-century Soviet music and presents twelve articles from students in America, Hong Kong and across Britain. eSharp's ninth edition offers a wide-ranging and stimulating discussion of themes central to the study of gender.

"The Question of Power and Authority in Gender Performance: Judith Butler's Drag Strategy," by Charlotte Coles.

"Feminised Idolatry and The Subversion of Religious Orthodoxy in John Bale's Three Laws," by Brian Gourley.

"The Masculinization Project of Hospital Birth Practices and Hollywood Comedies," by Shira Segal.

"Why Women Fell: Representing the Sexual Lapse in Mid-Victorian Art," by Jessica Webb.

Studies in Slavic Cultures (SISC)

A scholarly, illustration-friendly journal published by members of the Slavic Department at the University of Pittsburgh, with support from the Center for Russian and East European Studies. SISC appears annually and consists entirely of analytical articles devoted to aspects of verbal, visual, and aural culture in Russia and Eastern Europe.

Issue 5, May 2006

Special Issue: 'Ritual'

"Toward a Theory of Pre-industrial European Folk Ritual: The Case of Polish Wigilia," by Sarah Slevinski.

"Prichitaniia and Rituals as Symbolic Representations of Russian Peasants' Collective Memory: A Comparative Study of Wedding and Funeral Ceremonies," by Sang Hyun Kim.

"Ritual as an Amalgam of Allegiance: Spirituality and Death in Early Kievan Rus'," by

Julie Draskoczy,


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