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Author: Lynn C. Westney
Title: E-Journals - Inside and Out
Publication info: Ann Arbor, MI: MPublishing, University of Michigan Library
August 2007

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Source: E-Journals - Inside and Out
Lynn C. Westney

vol. 10, no. 2, August 2007
Article Type: Column

E-Journals - Inside and Out

Lynn C. Westney

Column Editor

Lynn C. Westney has been a practicing academic reference librarian since 1983 and since 1992, an Associate Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago. In this column she selectively disseminates information on the contents of freely accessible (no subscription required) e-journals, e-newsletters and e-newspapers, electronic indexes, and other e-publications. On occasion, websites that enhance and extend these e-publications are included.

The Journal of the Association for History and Computing, JAHC, has as its focus the applications of electronic technologies into the historical profession. History is interdisciplinary because everything has a history. Historians need to be open and receptive to the ideas presented in other journals and other fields if they are to present as accurately as is possible, history from all its diverse perspectives. Thus, an additional purpose of this column is to present to the readers of JAHC, the issues, controversies, and trends which are impacting interdisciplinary and international research within history, computing, and allied disciplines as evidenced within current electronic publications.

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Entries are listed in alphabetical order by title

Acadiensis: Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region

Acadiensis was established in 1971 in order to promote the study of the history of Atlantic Canada. The scope includes not only the territory of Canada's four Atlantic Provinces but also northern New England, the Gulf of St. Lawrence and the North Atlantic as they impinge on the history of the region. Published by the Department of History at the University of New Brunswick. Articles available in English and French.

Volume 36, No. 1, Autumn 2006

Individual issues with tables of contents only go back to Volume 27, No. 2, Spring 1998. NOTE: This is a subscription journal but the Spring 2006 issue is available in full-text and the accompanying electronic Index, Portal, and Archives qualify it for inclusion. An important journal for research on the history of Atlantic Canada.

"Missionary for Culture": Walter Abell, Maritime Art and Cultural Democracy, 1928-1944," by Kirk Niergarth.

"Le récit de la Déportation comme mythe de création dans l'idéologie des Conventions nationales acadiennes (1881-1937)," by Richard Chantal.

Volume 35, No. 2, Spring 2006 Note: All articles in this issue only available in html, PDF or both formats.

"Where's the Policy? Immigration to New Brunswick, 1945-1971," by Heather Steel.

"Let Them Eat Beef: The Prince Edward Island-Newfoundland Beef-Cattle Trade, 1942-1946," by Corey Slumkoski.

Acadiensis Index

The Acadiensis Index is a comprehensive index to the contents of the journal since the publication of the first issue in 1971. Part One is an integrated subject and author index covering all the contents of the journal. Part Two is a list of the books discussed in the review essays published in each issue. Films reviewed are entered under the subject heading FILM in Part One.

NOTE: This on-line index incorporates the contents of the printed edition published in 1992 and is updated regularly following the publication of each new issue of the journal.

The Atlantic Canada Portal

The Atlantic Canada Portal features a comprehensive online bibliography of sources on Atlantic Canada. Compiled from the printed bibliographies published by Acadiensis: Journal of the History of the Atlantic Region, the Portal bibliography currently contains over 15,000 articles, theses, and books on Atlantic Canada. Since Acadiensis only began to compile its bibliography in the 1980s, the list of sources published prior to that time will be incomplete. The Spring 2006 Acadiensis bibliography is the most recent in the Portal's database.

Atlantic Canada Virtual Archives (ACVA)

ACVA is designed to showcase primary sources on the history and culture of Atlantic Canada. It currently contains two collections:

The Edward Winslow Letters, 1783-1785

A Mayflower descendant, Harvard graduate, and member of a prominent Massachusetts family, Edward Winslow supported the British in the American Revolutionary War. A prolific and gifted letter-writer, Winslow offers an intimate account of the Loyalist experience of re-establishing family and community life in colonial New Brunswick.

The McQueen Family Letters, 1866-1928

The McQueen family letters chronicle the activities and relationships of a farming family rooted in Pictou County, Nova Scotia, in the second half of the nineteenth century. A highly mobile family, they kept in touch by writing letters that survive as remarkable documents of social history in the early years of Canada's industrial age.

eBLJ: The Electronic British Library Journal

The eBLJ is the journal of scholarly research into the contents and history of the British Library and its collections. It is the successor to the British Library Journal, which appeared in twenty-five volumes between 1975 and 1999. The printed predecessor of this journal published the work not only of academics from many institutions in the United Kingdom and United States, but of scholars from several other countries. The number of readers who were able to consult the British Library Journal in many of those countries was strictly limited. Now, anyone anywhere, has immediate access to any article that has ever appeared in its electronic successor. Available free in PDF to all users of its Website from 2002 - 2006, it is permanently archived and indexed in Humbul (for more information about Humbul, see the note at the end of this entry),The History Journals Guide, MLA, etc.

The author index to eBLJ is online at:


Humbul (Humbul Humanities Hub) and Artifact have merged to form the new Intute: Arts and Humanities service. The Humbul site is no longer being updated. Intute: Arts and Humanities, like the Humbul Humanities Hub, is a service of the Resource Discovery Network and is supported by the University of Oxford. The Arts and Humanities pages of Intute is a free online service providing access to the best Web resources for education and research, selected and evaluated by a network of subject specialists. There are over 18,000 Web resources listed here that are freely available by keyword searching and browsing.


Listed below are a representative sample of the variety of subjects addressed during the past year within eBLJ.

"A Knight Hospitaller's Nostalgia for Italy during the 1790s," by David Frank Allen.

With the intention of making better known some manuscripts acquired by the British Library in 1987, Allen introduces travel journals written by a French Knight Hospitaller of St John in the late eighteenth century. The focuse is on Goujon de Thuisy's nostalgia for Italy and its past during the 1790s.

"A. W. Franks and Armorial Bookbindings: Including a List of British Armorial Bookbindings Contained within the Franks Collection," by P. J. M. Marks.

A. W. Franks and Armorial Bookbindings: Including a List of British Armorial Bookbindings Contained within the Franks Collection list of the British armorial bookbindings collected by Sir Augustus Wollaston Franks (1826-1897) purchased by the British Museum Library in 1900; the circumstances of its acquisition and subsequent cataloguing and an account of the previously unrecorded material associated with it.

"A Late Renaissance Music Manuscript Unmasked," by Richard Charteris.

In the early seventeenth century, the Augsburg church of St Anna owned one of the largest collections of music editions and manuscripts in southern Germany. Most of these materials, a considerable number of which are now lost, were obtained during the tenure at St Anna of the prominent German composer Adam Gumpelzhaimer (1559-1625), who served as its Kantor and preceptor of its school for forty-four years, beginning in 1581. The British Library possesses a Gumpelzhaimer autograph music manuscript. The manuscript music, which Gumpelzhaimer copied in the sixteenth century, is bound with an edition that was published in Venice in 1576 and that contains works by the Italian composers Tiburzio Massaino and Ippolito Baccusi. The edition was not recorded in Gumpelzhaimer's 'Inventarium' of St Anna's music library, though indisputable evidence about its provenance appears in the source itself.

"Using a Collection to Discover Reading Practices: The British Library Geneva Bibles and a History of their Early Modern Readers," by Femke Molekamp.

This article links directly to the PDF version.

"Mad Dogs and Scotsmen: A Plain Tale from the Military Collections of the India Office Records Section of the British Library," by Margaret Mulvihill.

The Military Collections of the India Office Records of the British Library document the experiences of four Gordon Highlanders sent to the Institut Pasteur in Paris for treatment for rabies in the summer of 1896.


"Panizzi, Gladstone, Garibaldi and the Neapolitan Prisoners," by Denis V. Reidy.

Discusses how Antonio Panizzi of the British Museum Library worked with William Ewart Gladstone in the pursuit of Liberal causes in the reactionary Kingdom of Naples, ruled by Ferdinand II, in the 1850s. Their collaboration culminated in the release of 66 political prisoners from the island of Santo Stefano in 1859.

" 'William Plate, an Unknown Acquaintance of Karl Marx at the British Museum: A Biographical Sketch' ," by Bob Henderson.

Though much has been written on Marx's association with the British Museum, the circumstances of his admission to that institution have remained undocumented. A recent find in the British Museum Archives throws some light on the subject, and reveals for the first time the name of the remarkable gentleman who helped Marx gain access to the Round Reading Room.

PCG Vantage

PCG was founded in 1989 to help European publishers gain exposure in the North American marketplace. PCG's aim was to direct publishers to the gateway of North American libraries and the goals they could achieve. Services quickly expanded to include the needs of North American publishers and the focus shifted to the global library community. PCG Vantage is dedicated to examining the most current trends and issues affecting scholarly communication today, sharing direct expertise and opinions from members of the publishing and library communities. Available online from May 1, 2003.

Issue 7, Spring/Summer 2006

"International Library Budget Trends: 2006," by Joshua Clarke.

Publishers Communication Group administered a brief survey to librarians outside of North America in late 2005 to learn about anticipated changes in spending on library materials for 2006 and to specifically learn about expected serials and electronic resources expenditures. The survey was administered to two hundred librarians at institutions throughout Europe, Australia, and Asia. Key findings are presented.

RLG DigiNews

This is the last issue of a bimonthly newsletter published since April 15, 1997 that focused primarily on issues of particular interest and value to managers of digital initiatives. RLG has partnered with OCLC to create the Programs and Research Division. Thus, this is the last issue of RLG DigiNews in its current form. Watch for the next RLG DigiNews that will support the new agenda no later than January, 2008.

Volume 11, No. 1, April 15, 2007

"Digital Imaging - How Far Have We Come and What Still Needs to be Done?" by Steven Puglia and Erin Rhodes.

Libraries, archives, and museums have been engaged in the digitization of their collections for well over a decade now. As we look back over the past ten years, what is the best way to assess how far we have come and what work on defining digital imaging approaches still needs to be done? This article attempts to provide a brief overview of the conceptual and technical influences that have defined digital imaging in cultural institutions during the last decade.

"A Digital Decade: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going in Digital Preservation?" by Nancy Y. McGovern.

This tenth anniversary review of digital preservation developments takes an informal gap analysis approach, measuring where we are (the "as is") against where we might like to be (the "to be"). This gap analysis has three components reflecting the core aspects of digital preservation: organizational infrastructure, technological infrastructure, and requisite resources.

E-Journals Produced by Graduate Students

LBJ Journal Online

The LBJ Journal of Public Affairs at The University of Texas is the oldest student-run public affairs journal in the nation. It is governed by an editorial board of LBJ students and published twice a year. Their mission is to publish professional quality work that promotes discourse on contemporary policy issues. Articles available in PDF dating to Volume 12, Spring 2000.

Volume 18, No. 2, Spring 2006

"Reconstruction of Post-Conflict Societies: Social Dynamics, Democracy, and Institution-Building," by J. Culain Fripp.

"Promises, Prospects, and Prognostications for a Civil Society in Burma," by Jennifer Richmond.

"Russian Power Brokering, Peacemaking, and Meddling in the Georgian-Abkhaz Conflict," by Stephanie Fain.

"Governance in Mexico: A Lack of Experience at the Local Level," by Laura Sullivan.

"Housing Policy and the Underclass Debate: Policy Choices and Implications (1900-1970)," by Rosie Tighe.

Madison Historical Review

The Madison Historical Review is a scholarly journal based at the History Department at James Madison University, created and edited by graduate students. It is an annual publication providing peer input from both faculty and graduate students on graduate scholarship. The editorial board is dedicated to establishing a forum for all graduate students, studying both American and European history, so that they may present their ideas and arguments, as well as receive criticism from other members of the field. This journal began with volume 1, April 15, 2003. It does not yet appear to be on a regular publication schedule.

Volume 3, September 1, 2006 "Music and Politics in Hitler's Germany," by Adam Cathcart.

"Eisenhower Era Politics and the 1959 Steel Strike," by Van Hutchison.

Nebula: A Journal of Multidisciplinary Scholarship

March, 2007

"Christian Communication in the Popular Cinema: Cross Imagery, Cruciform Poses and Pieta Stances," by Anton Karl Kozlovic, 143-165.

Using textually-based, humanist film criticism as the analytical lens, the critical film and religion literature was reviewed and the popular Hollywood cinema scanned to explicate the following three Christian focuses, namely: (a) cross imagery, (b) cruciform poses and (c) Pieta stances.

"The Agricultural Sector and Nigeria's Development: Comparative Perspectives from the Brazilian Agro-Industrial Economy, 1960-1995," by Olukoya Ogen, 184-194.

The article limits itself to the important role of the agricultural sector in engendering sustainable development and a significant level of poverty reduction in Brazil.

"Language, Ideology and Power Relations in Nigerian Newspaper Headlines," Rotimi Taiwo, 218-245.

A critical discourse analysis of Nigerian newspaper headlines. Three hundred Nigerian newspaper headlines were randomly selected from six Nigerian newspapers and were examined for peculiarity in the vocabulary and rhetorical devices used in order to identify the ideologies that lie behind their constructions.


A Bibliography of Australian Overseas Travel Writing from 1830 to1970, edited by Ros Pesman, David Walker and Richard White, compiled by Terri McCormack.

This unique Website is searchable and provides full citations to the materials indexed (books, articles, newspapers, government documents, reports, and miscellaneous ephemera such as souvenir programs). It is a research project supported by the University of Sydney, Australia.

The Scholarly Electronic Publishing Bibliography: 2006 Annual Edition

Available from Digital Scholarship. Annual editions of the SEPB are PDF files designed for printing.

SEPB has the following sections (revised sections are marked with an asterisk):

Table of Contents

  1. Economic Issues*
  2. Electronic Books and Texts
    1. Case Studies and History*
    2. General Works*
    3. Library Issues*
  3. Electronic Serials
    1. Case Studies and History*
    2. Critiques
    3. Electronic Distribution of Printed Journals*
    4. General Works*
    5. Library Issues*
    6. Research*
  4. General Works*
  5. Legal Issues
    1. Intellectual Property Rights*
    2. License Agreements*
  6. Library Issues
    1. Cataloging, Identifiers, Linking, and Metadata*
    2. Digital Libraries*
    3. General Works*
    4. Information Integrity and Preservation*
  7. New Publishing Models*
  8. Publisher Issues*
    1. Digital Rights Management*
  9. Repositories, E-Prints, and OAI*
  10. Appendix A. Related Bibliographies
  11. Appendix B. About the Author
  12. Appendix C. SEPB Use Statistics

The XHTML version of SEPB is designed for interactive use. Each major section is a separate file. There are links to sources that are freely available on the Internet. It can be searched using a Google Search Engine. The currency of search results depends on Google's indexing frequency.

In addition to the bibliography, the XHTML document includes:

  1. Scholarly Electronic Publishing Weblog
  2. Scholarly Electronic Publishing Resources (directory of over 270 related Web sites)
  3. Archive (prior versions of the bibliography)