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Authors : Dennis A. Trinkle, Scott A. Merriman
Title: Ten Good Web Sites on General History
Publication info: Ann Arbor, MI: MPublishing, University of Michigan Library
September 2002

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Source: Ten Good Web Sites on General History
Dennis A. Trinkle, Scott A. Merriman

vol. 5, no. 3, September 2002
Article Type: Site Review

Ten Good Web Sites on General History

Dennis Trinkle

Scott Merriman

A Walk Through Time

A Walk Through Time is an interesting look at the history of time keeping. Beginning with an explanation of various ancient calendar systems, the site then discusses early clocks such as sundials and waterclocks, modern time-keeping methods and time zones. The National Institute of Standards and Technology maintains the site.

Arctic Circle

Arctic Circle presents information on the history and culture of the Arctic regions. The site focuses on the people of the Arctic, but there is also much information on the natural resources and environment of the area. Norman Chance, a cultural and environmental anthropologist at the University of Connecticut, manages the site.

Bill Douglas Centre for the History of Cinema and Popular Culture

This archive houses the Bill Douglass and Peter Jewell Collection at the University of Exeter contain over sixty thousand items, including 25,000 books and thousands of films.

A College Web Index of Significant Historians and Philosophers

This is a site with many links to significant historians and philosophers, including George Berkeley, and Thomas Paine. It is the effort of Peter Ravn Rasmussen, a history doctoral student at the University of Copenhagen.


Galaxynet is a large, searchable database of links to sites on all subjects. This address takes you to Galaxynet's list of links to history sites.

H-Net Home Page

H-Net is a National Endowment for the Humanities sponsored project to bring the humanities into the twenty first century. H-Net's home page contains links to the more than one hundred discussion lists they sponsor, to the Web pages of each of those discussion lists, to their extensive book review project and to hundreds of other resources for historians.

History of Money from Ancient Times to the Present Day

This is an interesting collection of essays by Glyn and Roy Davies of the University of Exeter on a range of topics dealing with money and currency. The topics include: "Warfare and Financial History," "the Significance of Celtic Coinage," "the Third World and Debt in the Twentieth Century" and "the Origins of Money and Banking."

Maritime History on the Internet

The Guide to Maritime History Web page provides general information on all aspects of maritime history, including ships, music, art and nautical archaeology. Peter McCracken of the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill's School of Information and Library Science maintains the pages.

Tennessee Technological University History Resources

Created by the Department of History at Tennessee Technological University, this is a good general starting point for resources on the Internet, including gopher resources and essays on why one should study history and careers for historians.

World Rulers

World Rulers lists the past and present leaders of every state in the world. Birth and death dates are provided, as well as pictures for some. Monthly updates are posted.

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