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Authors : Scott Merriman, Dennis Trinkle
Title: Some of the Best Twentieth-Century American History Sites
Publication info: Ann Arbor, MI: MPublishing, University of Michigan Library
August 2001

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Source: Some of the Best Twentieth-Century American History Sites
Scott Merriman, Dennis Trinkle

vol. 4, no. 2, August 2001
Article Type: Site Review

Some of the Best Twentieth-Century American History Sites

Scott Merriman and Dennis Trinkle

Sites that have been reviewed before which help with the twentieth century are not reviewed here.

American Temperance and Prohibition

A good overview of the move towards prohibition in America. Presents biographies of key figures and an outline of the developments. Includes tables of data for alcohol consumption and beer production. Also has an excellent collection of cartoons.

Anti-Imperialism in the United States, 1898-1935

This site looks at a variety of issues concerned with American Imperialism in the first third of the twentieth century. Presents many writings, including Rudyard Kipling's The White Man's Burden and numerous period cartoons. The U.S. intervention in Haiti and the Philippines, along with many writings on related subjects by William Jennings Bryan, are featured. A good site for both people interested in the period and teachers.

Apollo Lunar Surface Journal

This site examines the lunar landings of the Apollo missions. It includes many photographs and video clips, as well as summaries of the missions, checklists, crew lists and crew biographies. Also presents summaries of each mission.

Broadcasting in Chicago, 1921-1989

This looks at sixty-eight years of broadcasting in America's Second City. Includes an examination of many of the programs aired in Chicago, including "Amos n' Andy," and "Fibber McGee and Molly." A virtual tour of the studio facilities is also available.

Coney Island

An engaging popular culture/history site done by a history buff trained in engineering. It discusses the amusement park, presents articles about its history, includes a timeline, links to related sites, and maps.

Digger Archives

This site is attempting to present the story of this anarchist counter culture group of the Sixties. Among this group's activities, centered in San Francisco, were street theater and free stores. The site presents the activities of the organization, pictures, and links to current related groups. An interesting look at an interesting group.

Early Motion Pictures, 1897-1920

A large collection from the Library of Congress's American Memory Project. An excellent and very engaging site. Includes films of San Francisco around the time of the Great Earthquake and Fire of 1906, and films of New York around the turn of the century.

Famous Trials of the Twentieth Century

This site looks at many famous trials in the twentieth century, including the Rosenbergs, Leopold and Loeb, and the Scottsboro Boys. It also includes a few from before the twentieth century, including the Amistad case, the Salem Witch trials and the Johnson Impeachment. A set of very well-done pages, which are generally very informative.

The Fifties

Slightly celebratory look at the Fifties. Aimed at the Boomer generation (it even includes a claim to be "Boomer Enhanced" and thus have no small print). It includes music, TV and a list of Burma-Shave slogans. An illuminating example of fifties culture, though not very analytical.

For European Recovery: The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Marshall Plan

This site discusses the Marshall Plan that rebuilt Europe after World War II. Presents a detailed chronology of the plan, and explains the reasoning behind it. Also presents excerpts from the book The Marshall Plan and the Future of U.S. European Relations, which contains documents from the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Marshall Plan. Presented by the Library of Congress.

Kennedy Assassination Home Page

The Kennedy Assassination Home Page is the most balanced and extensive resource online resource for exploring John F. Kennedy's death. It is maintained by John Macadams, a professor of political science at Marquette University. Macadams's list of links on the Kennedy assassination also offers the best gateway to serious and reliable materials.

Little Rock Central High School Fortieth Anniversary

This site examines the events at Little Rock Central High School in 1957. Provides a timeline of the events concerning the integration and a look at the fortieth anniversary celebration in 1957. Contains pictures and videos.

Lower East Side Tenement Museum

An interesting museum for a Lower East Side tenement in New York City. This building had been sealed off for fifty years and so is exactly the way it was in 1935. The site also presents unique dollhouse diorama dramatizations depicting what life was like at the time, complete with descriptions and explanations. It also includes two quicktime movies of rooms in the tenements, as they might have been in the 1870s and 1930s.

NAACP Home Page

This site primarily offers information about the current NAACP currently, but it also explores the NAACP's past and the struggles it has been involved in.

National Civil Rights Museum

This is the Web site of the National Civil Rights Museum, located in Memphis, TN. The site discusses the museum, gives hours and other basic information, and summarizes the exhibits currently portrayed. Includes an in-depth interactive tour of the museum.

Presidential Elections, 1860-1996

Contains popular and electoral returns for every election between 1860 and 1996. Includes links to related sites.

Project Whistlestop

An online examination of President Truman's actions. Includes a discussion of the Truman Doctrine, the Marshall Plan, and the Berlin Airlift.

Scopes Monkey Trial

Site relates to the 1925 trial in Dayton Tennessee of John Scopes for teaching evolution. The trial loosely became the model for Inherit the Wind. Includes cartoons, part of the textbook used by John Scopes, and a discussion of Inherit the Wind. A very balanced and in-depth look at the case.

The Sixties

This is a general site on the Sixties. Includes biographies of some of the leading counterculture figures, quotations, the full text of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech, and an in-depth timeline for the decade.

The Time 100

This is a list of the 100 most influential people of the century as decided by Time magazine. It presents biographies of the 100 with links to related sites.

Votes for Women

A very good and comprehensive site on the women's suffrage movement presented by the Huntington Library. Includes biographies of important individuals, and descriptions of the important organizations involved. Also presents a breakdown of the various eras in the movement. This site also appends a long list of related links.