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Kidd, Charles C. / [1970] Pontoporeia affinis (Crustacea, Amphipoda) as a monitor of radionuclides released to Lake Michigan / Charles C. Kidd.
Kopczynska, Elzbieta Ewa. / [1973] Spatial and temporal variations in phytoplankton and associated environmental factors in the Grand River outlet and adjacent waters of Lake Michigan / by Elzbieta Ewa Kopczynska.
Kramer, James R. (James Richard), 1931- / [1968] Mineral water chemistry, Great Lakes / [by] James R. Kramer.
Kreis, Russell G. / [1985] Status of organic contaminants in Lake Huron : atmosphere, water, algae, fish, Herring Gull eggs, and sediment / Russell G. Kreis, Jr. and Clifford P. Rice.
Kreis, Russell G. / [1985] Phytoplankton species composition, abundance and distribution in southern Lake Huron 1980 : including a comparative analysis with conditions in 1974 prior to nutrient loading reductions / by Russell G. Kreis, Jr., Eugene F. Stoermer and Theodore B. Ladewski, Great Lakes Research Division, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor ...
Krezoski, John Roman. / [1969] Some effects of power plant waste heat discharge on the ecology of Lake Michigan / John R. Krezoski.