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Coulter, John Merle, 1851-1928. / [1924] Where evolution and religion meet, by John M. Coulter ... and Merle C. Coulter ...
Duret, Théodore, 1838-1927. / [1917] Whistler, by Theodore Duret ... tr. by Frank Rutter, B.A., with thirty-two reproductions in black and white.
Singer, Caroline, 1888- / [c1929] White Africans and black,
Albee, Edward, 1928- / [1963, c1962] Who's afraid of Virginia Woolf? / Edward Albee.
Adams, Randolph Greenfield, 1892-1951. / [1930] The Whys and wherefores of the William L. Clements Library : a brief essay on book collecting as a fine art / by Randolph G. Adams.