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Newcomb, Simon, 1835-1909. / [1875] The Uranian and Neptunian systems, investigated with the 26-inch equatorial of the United States naval observatory.
Dundes, Alan. comp. / [1975] Urban folklore from the paperwork empire / Alan Dundes, Carl R. Pagter.
Rosario y Mino, Pedro. / [1927] Urbanidad oenno pagalagadan iti naimbag a sursuro: a maitaltal-laong iti guimong daguiti capadpadana / pinutar ni M. Pedro Rosario y Mino.
Pablo y Villaflor, Alejandro. / [1906] Urbanidad ońu Anninnan tam mapia á catuddu: anna ang ngucua nat tadday tolay... / Alejandro Pablo y Villaflor.
Uncilla y Arroitajáuregui, Fermín de, Father, O.S.A., 1852-1904. / [1907] Urdaneta y la conquista de Filipinas : estudio histórico / por el M. R. P. Fr. Fermín de Uncilla y Arroitajáuregui ; con un prólogo de D. Carmelo de Echegaray.
Catholic Church / [1857] The Ursuline manual, or A collection of prayers, spiritual exercises, etc., interspersed with the various instructions necessary for forming youth to the practice of solid piety originally arranged for the young ladies educated at the Ursuline Convent, Cork. Rev. by John Power and approved by John Hughes, archbishop of New York.