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Tarzwell, C. M. / [1936] The type and condition of stream improvement work done in Michigan by E.C.W. and others. (Fisheries research report: 362)
Lovitt, William Vernon, 1881- / [1915] A type of singular points for a transformation of three variables ... by William Vernon Lovitt.
[1928] Types of domestic tragedy / edited by Robert Metcalf Smith.
Nott, Josiah Clark, 1804-1873. / [1855] Types of mankind: or, Ethnological researches, based upon the ancient monuments, paintings, sculptures, and crania of races, and upon their natural, geographical, philological and Biblical history:/ illustrated by selections from the inedited papers of Samuel George Morton ... and by additional contributions from Prof. L. Agassiz, LL. D., W. Usher, M. D., and Prof. H. S. Patterson, M. D. By J. C. # and Geo. R. Gliddon.
Piemeisel, R. L. / [June 1937] Types of Vegetation in the San Joaquin Valley of California and Their Relation to the Beet Leafhopper.
Marthens, John Francis 1830-1902. / [1875] Typgraphical bibliography; a list of books in the English language on printing and its accessories. By John F. Marthens.
Benoit, Camille, 1851-1923. / [c1889] The typical motives of The master-singers of Nuremberg, a musical comedy
Markland, J. / [1926] Typographia; an ode on printing. Reissued in photographicfacsimile from the Williamsburg edition of 1730.
Adams, Thomas F. / [1854] Typographia; or, The printer's instructor: a brief sketch of the origin, rise, and progress of the typographic art, with practical directions for conducting every department in an office, hints to authors, publishers, &c.
Fairbairn, Patrick, 1805-1874. / [1854] The typology of Scripture: viewed in connection with the entire scheme of the divine dispensations. By Patrick Fairbairn ...
Saint-Georges de Bouhélier, 1876-1947. / [1909] Die Tyrannei der Sozialdemokratie.