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Otaño, Nemesio, 1880-1956. / [1914?] Ps. L., Miserere : in solemnioribus modulis recentioribus ad quinque voces inaequales alternate canto gregoriano, concinendus / auctore N. Otaño, S.I.
Bassett, Leslie, 1923- / [19--] Psalm 123 ; : [Psalm 117] : from "Four metrical psalms" / Leslie Bassett.
Schütz, Heinrich, 1585-1672. / [19--] Psalm 98, Singet dem Herrn ein neues Lied : für Doppelchor / Heinrich Schütz ; mit Orgel ad libitum bearbeitet von Carl Thiel.
Mitchell, S. Weir (Silas Weir), 1829-1914. / [1890] A psalm of deaths and other poems.: By S. Weir Mitchell...
[1867] The Psalms of David in metre; with annotations, explaining the sense, and animating the devotion, by John Brown ...
Watts, Isaac, 1674-1748. / [1856] The Psalms, Hymns, and spiritual songs, of the Rev. Isaac Watts, p. p. To which are added, select hymns, from other authors; and directions for musical expression. By Samuel Worcester ...
[1852] The Psalms, tr. and explained by J.A. Alexander ...
[1852] The Psalms, tr. and explained by J.A. Alexander ...
[1852] The Psalms, tr. and explained by J.A. Alexander ...
[1871] The Psalms. The common version revised for the American Bible union,
[1884] The Psalter, or Psalms of David and certain canticles / with a translation and exposition in English by Richard Rolle of Hampole ; ed. from manuscripts by the Rev. H. R. Bramley ... With an introduction and glossary.
[1914] Psalterium dalecarlicum eller Dala-harpan : kyrkovisor och sånger / sammanställda och utgivna av Anders Jobs, Hugo Berggren, Samuel Gabrielsson, Carl Lundquist.
Seibel, Erwin. / [1973] Psammolittoral investigation 1972 / Erwin Seibel, James C. Roth, John A. Stewart, Susan L. Williams.
Kornilov, Konstantin Nikolaevich, ed. 1879- / [1950] "Psikhologiya" (psychology) / [edited by] K. N. Kornilov, A. A. Smirnov [and] B. M. Teplov. Translated by Eric Hartley.
Phillips, C. Henry (Charles Henry) / [1936] Psychology and the choir-trainer
Rauch, Friedrich August, 1806-1841. / [1853] Psychology, or, A view of the human soul: including anthropology, adapted for the use of colleges./ By Frederick A. Rauch.
Schmucker, S. S. (Samuel Simon), 1799-1873 / [1855] Psychology, or, Elements of a new system of mental philosophy,: on the basis of consciousness and common sense./ Designed for colleges and academies. By S. S. Schmucker.
Munsell, Oliver Spencer, 1825-1905. / [1871] Psychology: or, The science of mind./ By Rev. Oliver S. Munsell.
Haddock, Joseph W. / [1850] Psychology; or, The science of the soul, considered physiologically and philosophically. With an appendix, containing notes of mesmeric and psychical experience. By Joseph Haddock, M.D., with engravings of the nervous system.