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McAlpine, Frank. / [1888] Our album of authors : a cyclopedia of popular literary people / by Frank M'Alpine.
Selma Newmann McNeil / [1981] Our German Heritage.
Underwood, Lucien Marcus, 1853-1907. / [1882] Our native ferns and their allies : with synoptical descriptions of the American Pteridophyta north of Mexico / Lucien M. Underwood.
Mitford, Mary Russell, 1787-1855. / [1870] Our village : sketches of rural character and scenery. / By Mary Russell Mitford.
Field, Henry M. (Henry Martyn), 1822-1907. / [1895] Our western archipelago, by Henry M. Field.
Knapp, Martin Wells, 1853-1901. / [1888] Out of Egypt into Canaan : or, Lessons in spiritual geography / by Martin Wells Knapp.
Hosmer, James Kendall, 1834-1927. / [1907] Outcome of the civil war, 1863-1865, by James Kendall Hosmer.
Dark, Sidney, 1874-1947. / [1922] The outline of Wells, the superman in the street,
Obeyesekere, donald. / [1911] Outlines of Ceylon history.