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Jarves, James Jackson, 1818-1888. / [1857] Kiana: a tradition of Hawaii. By James J. Jarves ...
Jones, William, comp. 1871-1909. / [1915] Kickapoo tales collected by William Jones; tr. by Truman Michelson.
MacLean, D. G., and W. G. Yoder. / [1968] Kidney disease among Michigan salmon in 1967 (Fisheries research report: 1747)
Yoder, Warren G. / [1974] Kidney disease incidence in Michigan salmon, 1968-73: Warren G. Yoder.
Heuser, Wilhelm / [1904] Die Kildare-gedichte; die ältesten mittelenglischen denkmäler in anglo-irischer überlieferung von Dr. W. Heuser ...
Partʻewian, Surēn. / [1909] Kilikean arhawirkʻě / Surēn Partʻewean.
Hubbs, C. L. / [1933] Killing of fish by pollution near South Lyon. (Fisheries research report: 237)
Artigas y Cuerva, Manuel. / [1924] Kinabuhi sa mga bantugang Pilipinhon : (Regidor, Basa, Pardo de Tavera ug Paraiso) / sinulat sa Kinatsila ni Manuel Artigas ug Cuerva; hinipus ug hinubad sa binisaya ni Marcos Trinidad.
Strehlen, Hildebrandt. / [19--] Die Kinder des Communisten.
Mac Lear, Martha. / [c1915] The kindergarten and the Montessori method; an attempt at synthesis
Hartmann, Franz, 1796-1853. / [1852] Die Kinderkrankheiten und ihre Behandlung, nach den Principien des homoeopathischen Heilsystems. Von Dr. Franz Hartmann.
Boethius, d. 524. / [1899] King Alfred's old English version of Boethius De consolatione philosophiae. Edited from the mss., with introduction, critical notes and glossary by Walter John Sedgefield.
[1901] King Horn; a Middle-English romance, edited from the manuscripts by Joseph Hall.
Adams, William, 1814-1848. / [1858] The king's messengers, an allegorical tale by the Rev. W. Adams...From the London ed. with engravings executed by W. Howland from original designs by Weir.
Bement, R. B. / [1856] The kingdom of brass; or, The history of the world from the birth of Alexander the Great to the birth of Christ, including the history of judea during that period ... By R. B. Bement.
Harris, Samuel, 1814-1899. / [1874] The kingdom of Christ on earth: twelve lectures delivered before the students of the Theological seminary, Andover. By Samuel Harris ...
Schwerké, Irving. / [1927] Kings Jazz and David (Jazz et David, rois)
Shetter, D. S. / [1951] Kinne Creek angling results, 1951 season. (Fisheries research report: 1312)
Stickney, Lucy W. / [1876] The Kinsman family. Genealogical record of the descendants of Robert Kinsman, of Ipswich, Mass. from 1634 to 1875. Comp. for Frederick Kinsman by Lucy W. Stickney.
Parsons, Elsie Worthington Clews, 1874-1941. / [1969] Kiowa tales / by Elsie Clews Parsons.
Hughes, John, 1797-1864. / [1869] Kirwan [pseud.] unmasked.: A review of Kirwan in six letters, addressed to the Rev. Nicholas Murray .../ By the Right Rev. John Hughes ...
Deeping, Warwick, 1877-1950. / [1928] Kitty, by Warwick Deeping.
[c1909] Kitty of Coleraine : Irish air / the music arranged for S.A.T.B. by C.H. Lloyd ; the words attributed to Edward Lysaght.