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Abert, Silvanus Thayer, 1828-1903. / [1872] Is a ship canal practicable? Notes, historical and statistical, upon the projected routes for an interoceanic ship canal between the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans ... By S.T. Abert.
Bledsoe, Albert Taylor, 1809-1877. / [1866] Is Davis a traitor: or, Was secession a constitutional right previous to the war of 1861?/ By Albert Taylor Bledsoe.
Darrow, Clarence, 1857-1938. / [1931] Is Religion Necessary?
Allen, Isaac, 17th cent. / [1860] Is slavery sanctioned by the Bible?: A premium tract./ By Isaac Allen.
Denton, William, 1823-1883. / [c1871] Is spiritualism true?
Tyler, Robert. / [1858] Is Virginia a repudiating state? And The state's guarantee, what is it worth? Being two letters by Robert Tyler ... and an examination, by "a citizen" of Virginia, of the decision of the Superior court of chancery for the Richmond circuit, in the case of the Richmond, Fredericksburg and Potomac rail road company vs. the Virginia central, and Orange & Alexandria R.R. companies.
Child, Lydia Maria Francis, 1802-1880. / [1853] Isaac T. Hopper: A true life. By L. Maria Child.
Isagani (de "El Filibusterismo" por Jose Rizal) : revista mensual de asuntos generales. [1925]
Isagani (de "El Filibusterismo" por Jose Rizal) : revista mensual de asuntos generales. [1926]
[1856] Isaiah translated and explained by Joseph Addison Alexander. An abridgment of the author's critical commentary on Isaiah. ...
[1856] Isaiah translated and explained by Joseph Addison Alexander. An abridgment of the author's critical commentary on Isaiah. ...
Calderon, Sofronio G. / [1939] Isang mahiwagang pamumuhay : isang kathang salaysay sa Tartaria na nasalin sa wikang Kastila at tinagalog ni S. G. Calderon.
[1911] Isang sakunang ipinangkapalad : (kuwentong silang̀̃an) / salin ni S. G. Calderon.
[192-?] Isang ulirang dapat Salaminin at cunang halimbawa ng tauong critiano ang kalinislinisang pagsinta at pagibig sa Panginoon Dios, Santa Eulalia sa reino nang Barcelona.
Bizzi, Marino, ca. 1565-1625. / [1985] Iskušenja na putu po Crnogorskom primorju, Albaniji i Srbiji 1610. godine / Marin Bici ; prevod s italijanskog, predgovor i napomene Nikola Vucković.
Fernández Duro, Cesáreo, ed. 1830-1908. / [1885-91] Isla de Cuba.
Santayana, Agustin. / [1862] La isla de Mindanao: su historia y su estado presente, con algunas reflexiones acerca de su porvenir / por Agustin Santayana.
Camps, Gabriel. / [1928] Isla de Pinos; centro de aviación, Panamá y Nicaragua, por Gabriel Camps.
Humboldt, Alexander von, 1769-1859. / [1856] The island of Cuba, by Alexander Humboldt. Translated from the Spanish, with notes and a preliminary essay. By J. S. Thrasher.
Madden, Richard Robert, 1798-1886. / [1853] The island of Cuba:
Rowan, Andrew Summers, 1857- / [1897] The island of Cuba; a descriptive and historical account of the "Great Antilla" ... by Andrew Summers Rowan and Marathon Montrose Ramsey.
Cox, Leonard Martin, 1870- / [1926] The island of Guam.
Emory, Kenneth Pike, 1897- / [1924] The island of Lanai; a survey of native culture, by Kenneth P. Emory.
Cheever, Henry T. (Henry Theodore), 1814-1897. / [1856] The island world of the Pacific: being ... travel through the Sandwich or Hawaiian Islands and other parts of Polynesia./ By Rev. Henry T. Cheever ...
Cañamaque y Jiménez, Francisco de Paula, 1851-1891. / [1880] Las islas Filipinas (de todo un poco) ...
Moya y Jimenez, Francisco Javier de. / [1883] Las islas Filipinas en 1882; estudios históricos, geográficos, estadísticos y descriptivos,
Cañamaque, Francisco. / [1880] Las islas filipinas: de todo un poco / Francisco Cañamaque.
Groussac, Paul, 1848-1929. / [1936] Las islas Malvinas, Por Paul Groussac. Edición castellana ordenada por el Congreso de la nación argentina (Ley 11904)
Masse, Étienne Michel, b. 1778. / [1825] L'îsle de Cuba et la Havane, ou, Histoire, topographie, statistique, mœurs, usages, commerce et situation politique de cette colonie, d'après un journal écrit sur les lieux. Par E. M. Masse.
Mayo, Katherine, 1868?-1940. / [c1925] The isles of fear ; the truth about the Philippines, by Katherine Mayo, illustrated from photographs.
Warren, Lee Donald, 1895- / [c1928] Isles of opportunity; progress and possibilities in the Philippine Islands,
Jenness, John Scribner, 1827-1879. / [1873] The Isles of Shoals.
Scheerer, Otto. / [1928] Isneg texts with notes: Otto Scheerer.
Isocrates. / [1912] Isocrates. Cyprian orations: Evagoras, Ad Nicoclem, Nicocles aut Cyprii, Ed with introduction and notes, by Edward S. Forster ...
Bishop, Joseph Bucklin, 1847-1928. / [1904] Issues of a new epoch. The coal strike, Panama, Philippines and Cuba, by Joseph Bucklin Bishop.
Seymour, St. John D. captain. (St. John Drelincourt) / [1863] The isthmian routes. A brief description of each projected route, and of those now existing, showing the capacity of their harbors, the comparative advantages of each, and the distance by each from New York to San Francisco, from the best sources of information, and from personal observation and survey over each, in the years from 1856 to 1861. By Captain Seymour.
Williams, John Jay, 1818-1904. / [1852] The isthmus of Tehuantepec: being the results of a survey for a railroad to connect the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, made by the scientific commission under the direction of Major J.G. Barnard, U. S. engineer. With a résumé of the geology, climate, local geography, productive industry, fauna and flora, of that region ... Arranged and prepared for the Tehuantepec railroad company of New Orleans, by J.J. Williams, principal assistant engineer.
Krstić, P. J. / [19--?] Išti mi, dušo : mešoviti hor / P.J. Krstić.
Schering, Arnold, 1877-1941. / [1924] Istorii͡a muzyki v tablit͡sakh / Arnolʹd Shering ; perevod s nemet͡skogo S. Ginzburga ; pod red. Igori͡a Glebova.
Cheshikhin, Vsevolod, 1865- / [1905] Istorīi͡a russkoĭ opery : s 1674 po 1903 g. / Vsevolod Cheshikhin.
Skaljer-Race, Vesna. Istro ukradeni zavicaju.