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Johnson, Emily Cooper. / [1927] Dean Bond of Swarthmore; a Quaker humanist, by Emily Copper Johnson.
Hastings, Dorothy Grace, 1911- / [1944] Death at the depot, / by D. G. Hastings.
Christie, Agatha, 1890-1976. / [1944] Death comes as the end / Agatha Christie.
Carmichael, Robert Daniel, 1879- / [1927] A debate on the theory of relativity, with an introduction by William Lowe Bryan favoring the theory: Robert D. Carmichael, Harold T. Davis. Opposing the theory: William D. MacMillan, Mason E. Hufford.
Tarver, John Charles, 1854- / [1898] Debateable claims; essays on secondary education, by John Charles Tarver ...
Juvenal. / [1873] Decimi Junii Juvenalis Satirae XIII. Thirteen satires of Juvenal, with notes and introduction by G.A. Simcox ...
Waugh, Evelyn, 1903-1966. / [1937] Decline and fall : [the adventures of an innocent in London society]
Abrahams, Roger D. / [1974] Deep the water, shallow the shore; three essays on shantying in the West Indies [by] Roger D. Abrahams. Music transcribed by Linda Sobin.
Moran, John J. / [1885] A defense of Edgar Allan Poe : life, character and dying declarations of the poet : an official account of his death / by his attending physician, John J. Moran.
Foscolo, Ugo, 1778-1827. / [1881] Dei sepolcri; carme di Ugo Foscolo, con discorso critico e commento del professore Francesco Trevisan.
Unamuno, Miguel de, 1864-1936. / [1928] Del sentimiento trágico de la vida.
Tarcagnota, Giovanni, d. 1566. / [1566] Del sito, et lodi della citta di Napoli, con vna breve historia de gli re svoi, & delle cose piu degue altroue ne' medesimi tempi auenute de Giouanni Tarchagnota di Gaeta.
Demetrius, of Scepsis. / [1880] Demetrii Scepsii quae supersunt... [Edidit] Ricardus Gaede...
Giddings, Franklin Henry, 1855-1931. / [1900] Democracy and empire, with studies of their psychological, economic, and moral foundations, by Franklin Henry Giddings.
More, Paul Elmer, 1864-1937. / [1928] The demon of the absolute, by Paul Elmer More.
Gissing, George, 1857-1903. / [1908] Demos; a story of English socialism, by George Gissing.
Demosthenes. / [1859-1868] Demosthenes with an English commentary by the Rev. Robert Whiston.
Leblanc, Maurice, 1864-1941. / [1944] Les dents du tigre ...
[1929-] Department of State publication.
Tatrean, Vahram, 1900-1948. / [1945] Dēpi anapat : (pʻrtsʻuats ējer ōragrēs) / gretsʻ Vahram Tatrean.
Izquierdo y Martínez, José María, 1886-1922. / [1914] El derecho en el teatro español, apuntes para una antología jurídica de las comedias del siglo de oro, Introducción, índice-programa y apéndices.
Darwin, Charles, 1809-1882. / [1890] The descent of man, and selection in relation to sex. By Charles Darwin.
Trinity College (University of Cambridge). Library. / [1870] A descriptive catalogue of the Arabic, Persian, and Turkish manuscripts in the library of Trinity college, Cambridge.
[1942] The desert fathers;
[1988] Design for living: a presentation of Films for the Humanities, Inc. ; produced by Goldcrest Films and Television ; producer, writer, Karl Sabbagh ; directors, David Kennard, Stuart Urban, Martin Weitz.
Jones, Inigo, 1573-1652. / [1924] Designs by Inigo Jones for masques & plays at court;
Child, Theodore, 1846-1892. / [1892] The desire of beauty; being indications for æsthetic culture, by Theodore Child.
McNulty, J. H. / [1926] The dethronement of Shakespeare; essays and verses, by J. H. McNulty.
Bernstein, Henry, 1876-1953. / [c1912] Le détour; comédie en trois actes, par Henry Bernstein ...
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Deutsche Arbeit.
Dübel, Siegfried. / [1953] Deutsche Jugend im Wirkungsfeld sowjetischer Pädagogik / Siegfried D"ubel ; Hrsg. von Bundesministerium für gesamtdeutsche Fragen.
Moltmann, Bodo Hans, 1883-1969. / [1918] Deutsche siedelung in Süd=Brasilien; ein erfolgreiches jahrhundert deutscher überseeischer siedelungsarbeit, von dr. iur. B. H. Moltmann ...
Moore, Charles Herbert, 1840-1930. Development & character of Gothic architecture, by Charles Herbert Moore.