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[1863] Beadle's dime patriotic speaker : being extracts from the splendid oratory of Judge Holt ... together with poems for the hour.
Hogaboam, James J. / [1876] The Bean creek valley.
[1873] Beard's directory and history of Marquette County [Mich.] with sketches of the early history of Lake Superior, its mines, furnaces, etc., etc.
Rachmaninoff, Sergei, 1873-1943. / [c1914] The Beatitudes, op. 31, no. 4b / by S. Rachmaninoff ; the words translated and adjusted to the music by Charles Winfred Douglas.
Bianconi, Alfonso M. / [1909] El Beato Francisco de Capillas M.O.P.: breve reseña de la vida, aposto lado y martirio del Beato Francisco de Capillas, del orden de predicadores, beatificado solemnemente por NTRO. SMO. P. PÍO X., el día 2 de mayo de 1909 / compursta en Italiano por el M. R. P. Fr. Alfonso M. Bianconi ; traduolda del Italiano al Castellano por el R. P. Fr. Feliciano Martin.
Fernández Arias, Evaristo, 1854-1908. / [1893] El Beato Sanz y companeros mártires del Orden de Predicadores.
Leland, Oliver Shepard, 1833-1870. / [1858] Beatrice; or, The false and the true. A play, in five acts. By Oliver S. Leland ...
Artman, William. / [1874] Beauties and achievements of the blind. By Wm. Artman and L. V. Hall ...
Artman, William. / [1864] Beauties and achievements of the blind. By Wm. Artman and L. V. Hall ...
Kedney, John Steinfort, 1819-1911. / [1880] The beautiful and the sublime; an analysis of these emotions and a determination of the objectivity of beauty, by John Steinfort Kedney.
Philippines. Parliamentary mission to the United States, 1922. / [1923] Beautiful Philippines: a handbook of general information.
Philippines. Commission of Independence. / [1923] Beautiful Philippines; a handbook of general information.
Burdett, Charles, b. 1815. / [c1865] The beautiful spy. An exciting story of army and high life in New York in 1776. By Charles Burdett.
Robinson, Charles Mulford, 1869-1917. / [1906] The beautifying of Honolulu, by Charles Mulford Robinson.
Lee, Vernon, 1856-1935. / [1912] Beauty & ugliness and other studies in psychological aesthetics by Vernon Lee pseud. and C. Austruther-Thomson.
Halsey, Leroy J. (Leroy Jones), 1812-1896. / [c1860] The beauty of Immanuel.
Anderson, Leland. / [1977] Beaver Creek: Leland Anderson.
Adams, A. K. / [1949] Beaver-trout investigations in Michigan. (Fisheries research report: 1213)
Ouida, 1839-1908. / [1874] Bébée, or, Two little wooden shoes, a story. By "Ouida".
[1984] Beberapa pulau di perairan Sabah : aspek geologi, flora, dan fauna / Fakulti Sains dan Sumber Alam ; senarai penulis, Siraj Omar ... [et al.].
Waldeyer-Hartz, Wilhelm von, 1836-1921. / [1899] Das becken. Topographisch-anatomisch mit besonderer berücksichtigung der chirurgie und gynäkologie, dargestellt von W. Waldeyer ...
Becker, George J. / [c1854] Becker's ornamental penmanship. A series of analytical and finished alphabets, by George J. analytical and finished alphabets,
[c1917] The bed-time song : (Jackson County, Kentucky) / melody collected and arranged with accompaniment of male voices, by Howard Brockway.
[1874] The Beecher Tilton war: Theodore Tilton's full statement of the great preacher's guilt; what Frank Moulton had to say: the documents and letters from both sides ...
Beecher, Henry Ward, defendant. 1813-1887. / [1875] The Beecher trial: a review of the evidence. Reprinted from the New York Times of July 3, 1875. With some revisions and additions.
Black, W. H. / [March 1940] Beef Production and Quality As Affected by Method of Feeding Supplements to Steers on Grass in the Appalachian Region.
Harbison, W C. / [1860] Bees and bee-keeping: a plain, practical work; resulting from years of experience and close observation in extensive apiaries, both in Pennsylvania and California. With directions how to make bee-keeping a desirable and lucrative business, and for shipping bees to California. By W. C. Harbison ...
Grant, E. B. / [1867] Beet-root sugar and cultivation of the beet.
Elterlein, Ernst von, b. 1826. / [1857] Beethoven's clavier-sonaten.
Reinecke, Carl, 1824-1910. / [1920] Die Beethoven'schen Clavier-Sonaten; Briefe an eine Freundin.
Pratt, Caroline, b. 1867. / [c1926] Before books / Caroline Pratt, Jessie Stanton.
Sitwell, Osbert, 1892-1969. / [c1926] Before the bombardment, by Osbert Sitwell ...
Allison, L. N. / [1966] Beggar-ticks cause mortality among fingerling coho salmon. (Fisheries research report: 1724)
Haven, Charlotte Maria / [1867] Beginning and growth of the Christian life: or, The Sunday-school teacher ...
Richards, Lysander Salmon, b. 1835. / [1874] The beginning and the end of man. By Lysander S. Richards ...
Repetti, William Charles, 1884- / [1940] The beginning of Jesuit education in the Philippines, the College of Manila, by W.C. Repetti ...
Repetti, William Charles, 1884- / [1940] The beginning of Jesuit education in the Philippines, the College of Manila, by W.C. Repetti ...
Stevens, Frank Walker, 1847-1928. / [1926] The beginnings of the New York central railroad; a history, by Frank Walker Stevens.
Jongkees, William Johan Adriaan. / [1916-] Beginselen der beschrijvende meetkunde ...
Jāmī, 1414-1492. / [1887] The Behâristân (Abode of spring) A literal translation from the Persian [by Edward Rehatsek]
Stauffer, T. M. / [1978] Behavior of age-0 and age-I lake trout under laboratory conditions. (Fisheries research report: 1857)
Eaton, Frank M. / [December 1939] The Behavior of Boron in Soils.
Farley, James Aloysius, 1888- / [1938] Behind the ballots; the personal history of a politician [by] James A. Farley.
Kallen, Horace Meyer, 1882-1974. / [1940] Behind the Bertrand Russell Case.
Buel, James W. ed. (James William), 1849-1920. Behind the guns with American heroes; an official volume of thrilling stories, daring deeds, personal adventures, humorous anecdotes, and pathetic incidents of the Spanish-American War and our battles with the Philippine insurgents. Presented in special chapters by Admiral Dewey [and others] Containing also many exciting reminiscences of our great Civil War, War with Mexico, War of 1812, War of the Revolution, and our Indian wars.
Consumers' League of New York City. / [1928] Behind the scenes in candy factories.
McCabe, James Dabney, 1842-1883. / [c1873] Behind the scenes in Washington: being a complete and graphic account of the Credit Mobilier investigation.../ by Edward Winslow Martin.
Keckley, Elizabeth, ca. 1818-1907. / [1868] Behind the scenes.: By Elizabeth Keckley. Or, Thirty years a slave, and four years in the White House.
Maass, Alfred, 1863- / [1902] Bei liebenswürdigen Wilden. Ein Beitrag zur Kenntnis der Mentawai-Insulaner, besonders der Eingeborenen von Ši Oban auf Süd Pora oder tobo lagai, nebst 30 Textbildern, 6 Lichtdrucktafeln, zwei farbigen lithographischen Tafeln und einer Karte. Nach Tagebuch-Blättern von Alfred Maass.
Wildermuth, Ottilie, 1817-1877. / [1878] Beim Lampenlicht : Erzählungen / von Ottilie Wildermuth.
Consdentius, Rudolf Otto. / [1877] Beiträge zur Geometrie des Dreiecks von R.O. Consentius. Nachdruck verboten. - Uebersetzungsrecht vorbehalten.
Rodeck, Franz Rudolph, 1885- / [1910] Beiträge zur Geschichte des Eherechts deutscher Fürsten bis zur Durchführung des Tridentinums. / Von Dr. Franz Rodeck.
Wilhelm, Adolf, 1864-1950. / [1909] Beiträge zur griechischen inschriftenkunde,
Morgenstern, Arthur, 1880- / [1907] Beiträge zur numerischen Lösung der Gleichnungen fünften Grades.
Willing, Georg, 1877- / [unknown] Beiträge zur Theorie der Bewegung der Kugel, welche auf einer ebene rollt, ohne zu gleiten...Meiningen, Druck der Keyssner'schen hofbuchdruckerei (K. Keyssner) 1904.
Serrano, Emilio, 1850-1939. / [1924] La bejarana : zarzuela en dos actos divididos en seis cuadros / Luis Fernández Ardavín ; música de Emilio Serrano y Francisco Alonso.
Maupassant, Guy de, 1850-1893. / [1910?] Bel-ami...
Lee, Vernon, 1856-1935. / [1887] Belcaro; being essays on sundry aesthetical questions. By Vernon Lee [pseud.]
Belden, George P. / [1870] Belden, the white chief: or, Twelve years among the wild Indians of the plains./ From the diaries and manuscripts of George P. Belden. Ed. by Gen. James S. Brisbin, U. S. A.
New York Steam Cable Towing Company. / [1875] The Belgian system of cable towing as relating to the use of steam on the canals and the question of cheap transportation.
Frazer, James George, Sir, 1854-1941. / [1913-1924] The belief in immortality and the worship of the dead /
Frazer, James George, Sir, 1854-1941. / [1913-1924] The belief in immortality and the worship of the dead /
Frazer, James George, Sir, 1854-1941. / [1913-1924] The belief in immortality and the worship of the dead /
Boas, Franz, 1858-1942. / [1932] Bella Bella tales.
[1856] Belle Scott; or, Liberty overthrown! A tale for the crisis.
Bellman, Carl Michael, 1740-1795. / [19--?] Bellmans-musiken : arrangerad för manskvartetter / samlade af B. Fexer.
[1904] Belmore y Enriqueta; ó, La medalla de oro: drama fantástico de magia y en verso Tagolo.
Kreussler, Emil. / [1865] Bemerkungen zur weitern Entwickelung der Homöopathie / von Emil Kreussler
Bigelow, L. J. / [1867] Bench and bar: a complete digest of the wit, humor, asperities, and amenities of the law / by L.J. Bigelow.
Pérez de la Parra, Ginés, 1548?-1600. / [19--?] Benedictus : a 4 voces / por D. Juan Ginés Perez.
Pinero, Arthur Wing, Sir, 1855-1934. / [1896] The benefit of the doubt, : a comedy in three acts, / by Arthur W. Pinero.
Lowe, E. A. (Elias Avery), 1879-1969. / [1914] The Beneventan script : a history of the South Italian minuscule / by E.A. Loew.
Beatty, L. D., and F. F. Hooper. / [1957] Benthic associations of Sugarloaf Lake. (Fisheries research report: 1504)
Plon, Eugène, 1836-1895. / [1883] Benvenuto Cellini, orfévre, médailleur, sculpteur; recherches sur sa vie, sur son œuvre et sur les pièces qui lui sont attribuées, par Eugène Plon; eaux-fortes de Paul Le Rat.
Prym, Friedrich Emil, 1841-1915. / [1898] Über die entwickelung der griechischen mathematik von ihren anfängen bis zu ihrem höhepunkte.
Heinzen, Karl, 1809-1880. / [1872] Über Kommunismus und Sozialismus.
Béranger, Pierre Jean de, 1780-1857. / [1850] Beranger: two hundred of his lyrical poems done into English verse by William Young.
Boissonnas, Frédéric, b. 1858. / [1919] Le berceau des Serbes; photographies de Fred. Boissonnas; introduction de D. Baud-Bovy.
José Antonio de Donostia. / [1919?] Berceuse : pour piano et chant / P. José Antonio de S.S. ; [paroles de Madame de Coderch].
Kessler, Josef. / [1896] Berechnung der Schwungräder und Centrifugalregulatoren. Elementare Darstellungen mit erläuternden Rechnungsbeispielen, von Jos. Kessler. Mit 33 in den Text gedruckten Abbildungen.
Bab, Julius, 1880-1955. / [19--] Die Berliner Boheme.
Clemens, Jeremiah, 1814-1865. / [1856] Bernard Lile; an historical romance, embracing the periods of the Texas revolution, and the Mexican war. By the Hon. Jeremiah Clemens.
Riemann, Bernhard, 1826-1866. / [1892] Bernhard Riemann's Gesammelte mathematische Werke und Wissenschaftlicher Nachlass, Hrsg. unter Mitwirkung von Richard Dedekind, von Heinrich Weber.
Riemann, Bernhard, 1826-1866. / [1876] Bernhard Riemann's Gesammelte mathematische Werke und wissenschaftlicher Nachlass. Hrsg. unter Mitwirkung von R. Dedekind, von H. Weber.
Riemann, Bernhard, 1826-1866. / [1902] Bernhard Riemann's gesammelte mathematische Werke. Nachträge. Herausgegeben von M. Noether und W. Wirtinger. Mit 9 Figuren im Text.
Kleene, Gustav Adolph, 1868- / [unknown] Bernstein vs. "Old-school" Marxism.
Cowles, Edward B., comp. / [1871] Berrien County directory and history: containing historical and descriptive sketches of the villages and townships within the county, and the names and occupations of persons residing therein / Ed. B. Cowles, comp. and pub.
[Ruetenik, Herman Julius] 1826-1914. / [1893] Berühmte deutsche vorkämpfer für fortschritt, freiheit und friede in Nord-Amerika. Von 1626 bis 1888. Einhundert und fünfzig biographien, mit sechzehn portraits.
Denison, John Hopkins, 1870- / [1914] Beside the Bowery,
Viladomat, Juan. / [19--?] El beso : (La niña que acepta un beso) / letra de Félix Garzo ; música de Juan Viladomat.
[1868] The Bessemer process and works in the United States ...
French, Joseph Lewis, ed. 1858-1936. / [192-?] The best ghost stories: introduction by Arthur B. Reeve.
Christlieb, Theodor, 1833-1889. / [1874] The best methods of counteracting modern infidelity. A paper read before the general conference of the Evangelical alliance, New York, October 6, 1873. By Theodor Christlieb ...
Jerrold, Blanchard, 1826-1884. / [1873] The best of all good company, by Blanchard Jerrold. A day with Charles Dickens.
Sumner, Charles, 1811-1874. / [c1875] The best portraits in engraving. By Charles Sumner.
[1872] The best reading. Hints on the selection of books;
Fainberg, Meyer, 1890- / [1912] Bestimmung einer Minimalfläche,#bderen begrenzung aus zwei parallelen ebenen gelegenen geradlinigen winkeln besteht.
[19--] Bethlehem : a Christmas carol service.
Landis, Robert W. (Robert Wharton), 1809-1883. / [1851] Bethlehem church and its pastor;
[D'Arusmont, William E. Guthrie] / [1867] The betrothed.
Bonham, Melvin. / [1976] Betsie River water temperature study, Grass Lake Wildlife Flooding / Melvin Bonham.
Jackson, Helen Hunt, 1830-1885. / [1888] Between whiles.: By Helen Jackson (H.H.)
Crowley, George. / [1964] Beyond Automation.
Owen, Robert Dale, 1801-1877. / [1870] Beyond the breakers. A story of the present day. By Robert Dale Owen.
Geer, John James 1833- / [1863] Beyond the lines; or, A Yankee prisoner loose in Dixie. By Captain J. J. Greer ... With an introduction by Rev. Alexander Clark.
Richardson, Albert Deane, 1833-1869. / [c1869] Beyond the Mississippi: from the great river to the great ocean. Life and adventure on the prairies, mountains, and Pacific coast ... . By Albert D. Richardson ...
Richardson, Albert Deane, 1833-1869. / [1867] Beyond the Mississippi: from the great river to the great ocean. Life and adventure on the prairies, mountains, and Pacific coast. 1857-1867.
Pine, George W. / [1873] Beyond the West: containing an account of two years' travel in the other half of our great continent far beyond the old West, on the plains, in the Rocky mountains, and picturesque parks of Colorado. Also, characteristic features of New Mexico, Arizona, Wyoming, Montana, Idaho ... Oregon, Utah, Nevada, and ... California, the end of the West ... the great continental railroad, together with the ... most wonderful natural scenery in the world .../ by George W. Pine.
[1896] Bẹ̌ken kakanoạ u manga Rasûl e.