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[Ballentine, Charles], 1861?- / [1902] As it is in the Philippines, by Edgar G. Bellairs [pseud.] ...
[8th cent] [Ascetic treatises]:
Rattray, R. S. (Robert Sutherland), 1881-1938. / [1923] Ashanti,
Bhandarkar, Devadatta Ramakrishna, 1875-1950. / [1969] Aśoka, by D. R. Bhandarkar.
Hall, G. Stanley (Granville Stanley), 1844-1924. / [1921] Aspects of child life and education, by G. Stanley Hall and some of his pupils.
Arberry, A. J. (Arthur John), 1905-1969. / [1967, c1964] Aspects of Islamic civilization as depicted in the original texts / by A.J. Arberry.
Thoma, Ludwig, 1867-1921. / [1905] Assessor Karlchen, und andere Geschichten / Ludwig Thoma.
Driver, Godfrey Rolles, 1892-1975. / [1935] The Assyrian laws, edited with translation and commentary by G.R. Driver ... and John C. Miles.
Anthiaume, Albert, 1855- / [1910] L'astrolabe-quadrant du Musée des antiquités de Rouen. Recherches sur les connaissances mathématiques, astronomiques et nautiques au moyen age, par l'abbé A. Anthiaume ... et le dr. Jules Sotta ...
Epping, Josef, 1835-1894. / [1889] Astronomisches aus Babylon; oder, Das wissen der Chaldäer über den gestirnten himmel.