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Levardsen, N. O. / [1951] Aquatic plant control at Hess Lake, Newaygo County. (Fisheries research report: 1306)
Hooper, F. F. / [1956] Aquatic vegetation control in fisheries management. (Fisheries research report: 1500)
Ashby, Thomas, 1874-1931. / [1935] The aqueducts of ancient Rome, by Thomas Ashby; edited by I. A. Richmond.
Branco, Luís de Freitas, 1890-1955. / [19--] Aquella moça / versos de Augusto de Lima ; musica de Luiz de Freitas Branco.
Brooks, Charles Timothy, 1813-1883. / [1848] Aquidnock a poem pronounced on the hundredth anniversary of ... the Redwood library company, Newport, R.I., 1847,: with other commemorative pieces by Charles T. Brooks.