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Stampp, Kenneth M. (Kenneth Milton) / [1965] The era of reconstruction, 1865-1877.
Stanley, Henry M. (Henry Morton), 1841-1904. / [1909] The autobiography of Sir Henry Morton Stanley Ed. by his wife, Dorothy Stanley. With sixteen photogravures and a map. Beston and New York, Houghton Mifflin company, 1909.
Stanyon, Ellis. / [1903] Magic; in which are given clear and concise explanations of all the well-known illusions, as well as many new ones here presented for the first time, by E. Stanyon ... with an introduction by H. R. Evans.
State Charities Aid Association (N.Y.) / [1924] How foster children turn out ; a study and critical analysis of 910 children who were placed in foster homes by the State charities aid association and who are now eighteen years of age or over. By the State charities aid association. Made under the direction of Sophie Van Senden Theis. Foreword by Homer Folks.
State University of New York at Buffalo. University Libraries. / [1937] A catalogue of an exhibition of first editions, association books, / autograph letters, and manuscripts of Nathaniel Hawthorne,.
Statens museum for kunst (Denmark) / [1922] Fortegnelse over billeder af ældre malere og norsk, svensk og finsk kunst.
Statius, P. Papinius (Publius Papinius). / [1898] P. Papini Stati Silvarum libri, herausgegeben und erklärt von Friedrich Vollmer.
Stearns, Harold, ed. 1891-1943. / [1922] Civilization in the United States, : an inquiry by thirty Americans, / ed. by Harold E. Stearns.
Stedman, John Gabriel, 1744-1797. / [1962] The journal of John Gabriel Stedman, 1744-1797, soldier and author, including an authentic account of his expedition to Surinam, in 1772. Edited by Stanbury Thompson.
Stedman, Thomas Lathrop, 1853-1938. / [1896] Modern Greek mastery, a short road to ancient Greek,
Steel, Flora Annie Webster, 1847-1929. / [1894] The flower of forgiveness / by Flora Annie Steel.
Stein, Gertrude, 1874-1946. / [c1935] Lectures in America / Gertrude Stein.
Stendhal, 1783-1842. / [1963] Le rouge et le noir; : chronique du XIXe siècle / [par] Stendahl [pseud.] Introd. and notes by Alvin A. Eustis, Jr.
Stendhal, 1783-1842. / [1932] Mémoires d'un touriste; texte établi et annoté avec un avant-propos par Louis Royer. Préface de Jean-Louis Vandoyer ...
Stendhal, 1783-1842. / [1937] The charterhouse of Parma,
Stephen, Leslie, Sir, 1832-1904. / [1919-1928] Hours in a library. by Leslie Stephen.
Stephens, W. R. W. (William Richard Wood), 1839-1902. / [1876] Memorials of the South Saxon see and cathedral church of Chichester. By the Rev. W. R. W. Stephens.
Stephensen, P. R. (Percy Reginald), 1901-1965. / [1930] The legend of Aleister Crowley, being a study of the documentary evidence relating to a campaign of personal vilification unparrelled in literary history. By P. R. Stephensen.
Stevens, Denis, 1922- / [1952] The Mulliner book; a commentary.
Stevenson, Robert Louis, 1850-1894. / [1923] Essays of travel and in the art of writing, by Robert Louis Stevenson.
Stevenson, Sinclair, Mrs., 1875-1957. / [1920] The rites of the twice-born,
Stewart, Dugald, 1753-1828. / [1854-60] The collected works of Dugald Stewart. Ed. by Sir William Hamilton.
Stimson, Dorothy, 1890- / [1948. --] Scientists and amateurs : a history of the Royal Society /
Stjerna, Knut Martin, 1874-1909. / [1912] Essays on questions connected with the Old English poem of Beowulf / by Knut Stjerna ; translated and edited by John R. Clark Hall.
Stobaeus. / [1884-1912] Anthologium / recensuerunt Curtius Wachsmuth et Otto Hense.
Stobaeus. / [1884-1912] Anthologium / recensuerunt Curtius Wachsmuth et Otto Hense.
Stobaeus. / [1884-1912] Anthologium / recensuerunt Curtius Wachsmuth et Otto Hense.
Stobaeus. / [1884-1912] Anthologium / recensuerunt Curtius Wachsmuth et Otto Hense.
Stobaeus. / [1884-1912] Anthologium / recensuerunt Curtius Wachsmuth et Otto Hense.
Stobaeus. / [1884-1912] Anthologium / recensuerunt Curtius Wachsmuth et Otto Hense.
Stocker, Margarita. / [1986] Apocalyptic Marvell : the Second Coming in seventeenth-century poetry / Margarita Stocker.
Stoll, Elmer Edgar, 1874-1959. / [1934] Art and artifice in Shakespeare; a study in dramatic contrast and illusion, by Elmer Edgar Stoll ...
Stoll, Elmer Edgar, 1874-1959. / [1960] Shakespeare studies : historical and comparative in method.
Stolper, B. J. R. comp. (Benjamin John Reeman), 1886- / [1930] Stephen Crane, a list of his writings and articles about him, compiled by B. J. R. Stolper for the Stephen Crane Association.
Stone, Irving, 1903- / [1938] Sailor on horseback; the biography of Jack London.
Stone, Thora Guinevere. / [1923] England under the restoration (1660-1688) / by Thora G. Stone, M.A., with a preface by A. F. Pollard.
Stone, William Henry, 1830-1891. / [1878] The scientific basis of music, by W.H. Stone ...
Stork, Charles Wharton, comp, and tr. 1881- / [1917] Anthology of Swedish lyrics from 1750 to 1915; tr. in the original meters by Charles Wharton Stork.
Stout, Earl Jonathan, / [1936 i.e. 1937] Folklore from Iowa, collected and edited by Earl J. Stout.
Stow, John, 1525?-1605. / [1890] A svrvay of London; : contayning the originall, antiquity, increase, moderne estate, and description of that citie, / written in the year 1598, by Iohn Stow. Ed. by Henry Morley.
Strachey, Lytton, 1880-1932. / [1926] Eminent Victorians: Cardinal Manning, Florence Nightingale. Dr. Arnold. General Gordon, / by Lytton Strachey ...
Strachey, Lytton, 1880-1932. / [1925] Pope : the Leslie Stephen lecture for 1925 / by Lytton Strachey.
Strachey, Lytton, 1880-1932. / [c1922] Books & characters, French & English / by Lytton Strachey.
Strauss, David Friedrich, 1808-1874. / [1913] The life of Jesus critically examined / by Dr. David Friedrich Strauss. Tr. from the 4th German ed. by George Eliot.
Strong, Josiah, 1847-1916. / [c1900] Religious movements for social betterment,
Stutterheim, Willem Frederik. / [1927] Pictorial history of civilization in Java / by W. F. Stutterheim ; translated by Mrs. A. C. Winter-Keen.