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Snapp, Oliver I. / [September 1930] Life History and Habits of the Plum Curculio in the Georgia Peach Belt.
Snelling, Ralph O. / [December 1937] Resistance of Sorghums to the Chinch Bug.
Snodgrass, John E. / [1915] Sanitary achievements in the Philippine Islands, 1898-1915: smallpox vaccination in the Philippine Islands, 1898-1914 ; leprosy in the Philippine Islands / by John E. Snodgrass.
Snow, Alpheus Henry, 1859-1920. / [1907] "Colony,"--or "free state"? "Dependence,"--or "just connection"? "Empire,"--or "union"? An essay based on the political philosophy of the American revolution, as summarized in the Declaration of independence, towards the ascertainment of the nature of the political relationship between the American union and its annexed insular regions and The question of terminology; an address containing the substance of the foregoing essay, with some additions, delivered before the section for the study of the government of dependencies, of the American political science association, at the meeting held at Providence, December 29, 1906. By Alpheus H.Snow.
Snyder, Cook & co., Chicago. / [1862] A compilation of pension, pay and bounty laws: together with full instructions, forms and decisions, relative to presentin government claims. Instrucstions, etc., by Leavitt & Wright.
Snyder, Virgil, 1869-1950. / [1914] Analytic geometry of space, by Virgil Snyder and C. H. Sisam.